Another Christmas theme video from me

I made this video a few days ago. The Shangri-La group of hotels and resort went to The Lighthouse to give the homeless and poor people a treat. The Lighthouse is run by the Catholic Church. From what I understand, it was initially set up by Father Fabian Dicom as a place to provide meals to the homeless people and also beggars.

Through the years, The Lighthouse has also helped many of the people there to find a job and stand on their own again. When I started this citizen journalist thingie, my CJ group and I did the video on the homeless and from there I have followed up with some of them and I am glad to see a few have really found a better life.

So, as I am bidding the year 2009 farewell and also welcoming yet another Christmas as a Christian, I feel good that my little effort to go through the citizen journalist course in March this year, provided free of charge by Malaysiakini has opened opportunities for me to be where I would not otherwise go.

I love being with the some of the people there because the old ladies have such optimistic and happy views of life. Yes, they may have gone through a lot of hardship, broken heart, pain, suffering and many things we cannot even imagine. But they just keep going and keep hoping.

One of them is the woman I had curry rice at Kawan. She couldn’t recognise me but I reminded her that I once sat down with her to eat curry rice. Then, we started chatting and I was surprised to hear that she is 70 years old. I told her she is still so ‘hiao’ because she puts on lipstick and eyeliner, dress nicely and all. We had a lot of fun giggling about things. I asked her to find a handsome old man to sit next to and she said, “Haiyor, what for? All so old until want to die already!”

I also met what people referred as ‘that white old aunty friend of yours’. The albino beggar whom I found sitting outside the Buddhist temple during Wesak Day and then, another time at the Kew Ong Yeah temple. I couldn’t resist putting myself in the video with her again because she is always so fun to talk to.

Then, I met the two uncles who were the initial people I interviewed in March 2009. I really feel like amongst friends so I used the Pang Yau song in the video.

So, my dear Christians brothers and sisters, remember our less fortunate brothers and sisters as we celebrate the grace of God.

One thought on “Another Christmas theme video from me

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    A good one to remind ppl not to forget bout those not so fortunate one I guess.

    Yeah. I agree with you that despite so much they’ve gone through, many of them can still hold such a positive view of life. Really respect them for being able to do so.

    n Merry Christmas!

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