Twitter Updates for 2009-12-24

  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Christmas prep #
  • is going to look like The Flyz when she goes to sleep bcos of protective eye cover in case she rubs her eyes in her sleep. #
  • is uploading a homemade video minus editing with her horrijible voice in the choir as music. NVM, I got balls, bad voice also, who cares #
  • All of a sudden, I missed the crazy, hectic, shotgun carolling we used to do for the beach hotels. The buffet & Gerard's scolding & juling. #
  • How to rest eyes except to sleep? I slept enuff liao, so how? Watch porn considered resting eyes boh? Nite time no greens to see oso. #
  • just realised tomorrow is Christmas eve and her fridge has no foods. NVM, we gate crash at Billy's BBQ. And eat Lawrence's Christmas pudding #
  • Kekekeke someone with blood ties to me commented that Huan Cheng Guan looks like my twin brother and both my brothers do agree OMG. #

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