CJ Chan Lilian…tadaaa

If staring at the computer can makes me blind, I will be in St. Nicholas homes for the blind.

I have sat here since 1 pm staring at my computer. That is almost seven hours. Of course, in between, I had done many things like preparing lunch, taking lunch, drinking tea, going to the toilet to get rid of digested lunch and etc.

But, it is still staring at March 7, 2008 video of DAP mammoth ceramah where 30,000 Penangites (50K as claimed by DAP) came together. It is dissecting video to find the ‘meat’ I want.

I have the TV above my PC so it is part listening, part watching TV and video on PC. Any sane woman my age should be out there shopping, drinking tea with the old girlfriends or who knows, maybe having rendezvous with some old boyfriend.

But I am a dreamer. I believe that I can do my bit to make those dreams pledged by DAP come true. Lim Guan Eng made five pledges on that night. I have him on a short clip. Did he carry out those pledges? Are we citizens getting what he planned to give us if DAP leads the state?

If I cannot be part of the dream or if those dreams are not delivered to us, at the very least, I can be the nightmare to the government led by Lim Guan Eng. A nightmare is still a dream, no?

A lot of people can tok kok, complain here, complain there, this leader bad, that leader bad, this political party bad, that political party also bad. But seriously, what do they do other than complain and bitch about things?

So, yeah, screw those who can only talk. Do something about it. Hold our leaders accountable to their pledges. Do it your way. Whether you want to butter your way through to the CM (nyek..not everyone is as lucky as me me me) or you want to burn poster, the choice is yours.

Me? I do it through my story telling on videos. The attached video is our citizen journalist graduation party.