Since I tweet and blogged about my lasik eye surgery, several friends and Facebook friends have asked me many questions. You can read about my consultation here in my old post on lasik. So, let me repeat what I have mentioned over at Twitter, Facebook and on this blog.

Remember that you can get professional answers from Optimax. The first consultation is free and you have the liberty of asking all the pertinent questions. However, I bet many of you also want to hear from me whom had undergone the custom all-laser-lasik, right? My answers may not be very accurate but they are my real experiences and opinions.

1) Is it painful?

Terence said he has no bola (guts) to undergo lasik eye surgery eventhough the costs of spectacles are very expensive. He has reason to be apprehensive because we are talking about something delicate like our eyes.

Well, one of the reasons people are afraid of lasik is the myths and old wives tales they heard from people. Now, the custom all-laser-lasik involve very high tech machine operated by qualified eye doctor. The doctor doesn’t use any knife to cut, ok?

You will be given eye drops to numb the eyes during the short time when the lasik surgery was carried out. After the numbness goes off, I felt a slight stinging, very much like how our eyes feel if shampoo goes in accidentally.

I returned home and took a nap. When I wake up, there is no more stinging sensation.

2) What exactly did they do during surgery?
I changed into their surgery attire. The nurse cleaned the surrounding areas of my eyes. Then, the doctor came out and explained what she is going to do for me. She asked me to relax, cooperate with her and everything will be over within minutes.

Then, I was taken to the room where the lasik is to be carried out. I lied down on a recliner chair, with a silicon pillow. The doctor was sitting near my head and her soothing voice instructed me what to do. There are several people around to handle the machine as well.

With Dr. Lee telling me to open my eyes and focus on a green light, I merely do nothing but just that. Look at green dot. She used something to hold my eyelids open but I can continue blinking my eyes. You know what? A lasik is a lot less tense than a visit to the dentist. They use the same chair, the dentist sits at the same position. But lasik is painless and there is only a slight buzzing sound.

The doctor brought something close to one of my eyes. It was placed very near and I heard her saying it is a suction. I believe that’s when they cut the cornea flap open.

This only takes a very short time. I was still asked to look at the green light. At some point, it turned dark and then, bright but the doctor continues to talk to me to look at the light.

Next is the lasik. Since I have the custom all-laser-lasik, what this machine does is to specifically treat my eyes according to the exact corrections it needs. I must confess that I was a little surprised with the slight smell of burnt thingie. But it is just a short while, like within seconds. If I remember correctly, one of the nurse said 25 seconds and then, at 15 seconds, she repeated again.

3) What happened after surgery?
The whole episode of lasik surgery merely takes 10 minutes at the most. But there were adjustments of the machine and etc. When it was over, I could stand up and walk to the next room already. Vision is already so clear!

I was asked to lie down for 30 minutes but I think less than that time, I was already on my way home. No red eyes, no swollen lids, everything looks normal.

They gave me a bottle of antibiotic eye drop, artificial tears eyedrop and an eye shield to be used only at night. There are some do’s and don’ts which are very simple things like no contact sports like kick-boxing, swimming for a month, no eye make-up for two weeks, no driving for 24 hours and avoiding smokey and dusty places.

The moment I got into the car driven by my son, I was already texting with my handphone. I could see perfectly, incuding the tiny words on my mobile phone.

In conclusion, with the modern machines available at lasik centres like Optimax, lasik is no longer the scary mystery that you always thought of. It is a breeze to undergo lasik and it is almost painless. The moment you got down from the surgery chair, you have normal vision already.

As for the cost, it is hard to say how much each individual’s lasik will be because each of us have different needs. My surgery costs a little bit more because I need several corrections and mine was the custom lasik. However, normally prices start from about RM3K per eye for customised lasik. The best thing is you give Optimax a call, arrange for an appointment and find out yourself.

Trust me, lasik is really something that liberates. I am so happy I can now see the time on the wall clock the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. When I go to bed, I don’t have to be bothered with taking out my contact lenses. If I need to take a nap, I don’t have to wake up with painful, dry eyes when the contact lenses were left for too long.

Most of all, I am relieved that I won’t run the risk of having bad eye infection that could lead to cornea rot like what happened to me before. I also seem to have clearer white part of the eyes because there is no contact lenses to give me blood shot eyes.

So, I am extremely happy with my lasik at Optimax. You can follow Optimax on Facebook too.