..continuing recollecting May to July 2009

May 2009

May 1st is always sad for me. But instead of wallowing at home, I went to make video about Balik Pulau.

Then, on Mother’s Day, Father Fab made me cried.

By May 2009, I have grown lots of balls and even managed to corner Brother Paul for an interview. Bro Paul has left Malaysia but he was in church last Sunday. I was soooo pleased to see him again and flashed the brightest smile to him all the way across my big, cold, quiet church. I was on lector’s duty again, yippee! (this way, he cannot miss seeing me mah)

Then, I finally got one assignment like a real reporter at Lim Kit Siang’s home, helping Malaysiakini to film a video. It was another inch of bigger balls grown.

June 2009

I fell into Kampung Buah Pala issue in early June. But June started with me being happy why it is better for women to be married. I have 12 reasons.

Then, there was this case of the homeless children who found their shelter and I found them. I was very inspirational too with my big picture of life.

Funnily enough, I got my fingers into YB Sim Tze Tzin (who is the Adun of Pantai Jerjak) and Huan Cheng Guan’s spate. Now, few months later, I actually met up with Huan and find him quite interesting too.

I forgot the exact date I made my first appearance as a CJ at CM’s press conference in Komtar. But I was getting better by the day by June.

July 2009

I actually made my first trip away from home alone, after becoming mother in the last 19 years. It was like a big, great adventure for me to be able to spend a week away from the kids. I was attending the Advance CJ course in KL. I get to interview Kugan’s mom and after that, I have sort of turned into some much more caring and understanding.

Stupid people are a waste of oxygen. Wow, I love it when I am fierce. Lately, I seem too tame for my own liking. But I cannot find my obnoxious part, don’t know why.

The irony of life. In July 2009, I cari gaduh with Gerakan and in particular H’ng. In October, Hng taruh-ed me during Gerakan forum. But now, I am very friend with him liao. I am sooooo tai-leong. So is he.

Then, there was this one time I got pissed because someone thinks my son is my grandson.

By end of July, I was stuck deep in the gusai of Kampung Buah Pala. There was eruption of emotions and things got heated up. But CM remains cool.