Lilian is trying very hard to recollect the year 2009

January blog posts were summed up in a single blog post. But I lost interest after that. However, lemme re-collect what fantastic things happened in my life in February 2009.

4th February they stole the state of Perak in an overnight heist. Funnily enough, I got upclose and personal with YB Nizar the other day. Never thought that I could meet someone like him. (I never make that video yet).

Then, I lamented about the lack of good role models in our Malaysian society at the height of political turmoil.

One of my in-law grandniece got married and I was terribly pleased that she came to me to ask for help with her wedding.

Then, my hubby went back to work around February and my boy missed him. I wrote a nice little post. Hmm…before that my hubby wasn’t working and I was volunteering at Mt. Miriam. My boy turned six years old on February 28.

March 2009

Moms are superhumans. I forgot that when my hubby went back to work, I had to fetch my FOUR kids with only one car because my #1 son banged one of our cars. Beginning of March was terrible with me taking the CJ course on weekends and ferrying kids all over college, schools and kindie. Glad I didn’t die of exhaustion.

Oh, on March 8, 2009, I found out that the Chief Minister of Penang knows who the 5xmom is. Remember, this is when I was just a blogger with a loud mouth and tendency to curse. But he reads my blog and even found my photos nice. My one minute twenty three seconds of fame.

Oh ya, March was exciting because some of you helped to contribute cash for the cooking for the homeless project. But some of the homeless people we fed were hauled up after that meal. I questioned if Penang is really free of hardcore poor.

April 2009

Re my CJ, by April which is one month after I completed my CJ course, I was already ‘grilling’ the state government with my naive but very truthful questions.

I found out if I am man, I will want to marry myself. I am sooo good.

I tried 49 days of vegetarian fasting but failed due to a bad cold. But I wrote something on Maundy Thursday and an emo post on The Reason (I converted to Catholicsm).