Now on to August till October 2009

Look, I don’t really care if people reads what I write. I write because I am like Jake Sully in Avatar who has a vblog to keep himself sane while on the Pandora. So what if I have written four posts about my unglamorous, insignificant life? It’s my life….

August 2009

By August 2009, I was deeply into Facebook and Twitter. Somehow, having that sort of sucks my blogging inspiration dry because I get to update by the seconds, the minutes or hours. So, by the time when it comes to my daily dose of blogging, I have spewed what was one my mind, with nothing left to blog.

I was still biting at Gerakan Youth’s tail with the post Gerakan si khiao-khiao. No wonder Gerakan folks have so much mistrust of me. Who cares anyway? MIC Youth also I cari pasal with.

My friend told me, “You lah, go cari gaduh with BN people, how to cari makan likedat? Then, you friend with PR people, they all cannot do anything one.” Not like I bothered about cari makan lah.

August was a pretty boring thing. I interviewed Lim Kit Siang at his house which was really scary. I also interviewed Lim Guan Eng just before I went to his father’s house. You know what? He said to me, “Send my regards to my dad. I haven’t seen him for a while.” Doh..But I dare not tell LKS that LGE send his regards. Siao meh?

September 2009

September is my birthday but I cannot remember a thing about it. You need religion, not wonder bra is one of my 5xmom style post. Sigh…I seem to have slowly lose it. I feel institutionalised by my religion. Not a good sign.

We started thinking of moving house….And precious quote from my little boy who got jealous with a brother he never met

October 2009

I moved house and then, I sort of lose the interest in blogging. Had an emo moment recalling someone who passed away. Followed by another emo moment. Damn..the whole month of October was all about emo moments only.

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