Twitter Updates for 2009-12-29

  • Good nite to all the kind or bitchy folks, touchy & angelic folks, emo folks, guarded folks, happy folks I met/talked/connected with today #
  • is looking for a button to time her sms to be sent out tomorrow (while she is zzz). Is there one on the N97? Any N97 users can tell me? #
  • is watching video she edited on TV and is speechless at the fabulous quality of the video. Wow..she is a jeenius! Claps pls. #
  • is getting ready for fart fest tonite after slurping down a big bowl of mint leaves soup. Recipe here #
  • Candid camera moment Wah…I sound so preachy to the new CJs. CJ is not a bed of roses, kena lectured by Steven Gan.. #
  • has sat here since 1 pm. Now figuring out how to reduce 28 mins to 20. Domino is on the way but he aint no Italian by spicy sambal. Sigh… #
  • Watching Mac 7, 2008 video of Han Chiang ceramah made me realiased I achieved a lot since then. I used to be a spectator, now a dictator. #
  • I notice Chinese r bladry clever to carry balls. Ask same questn to Chinese n Malay voters, they give contrasting answers. Malays r truthful #
  • I've developed kiasu FB/tweet status update syndrome. When I see @STUMPBO or @kristinyang updated their twitter, I also must add mine. #
  • Pls continue sending me brown/red/etc gifts on Farmville cos I'm lovin the free fuel that comes with it. Thank you. My farmer loves you. #
  • Benefit of being a woman is the ability to squeeze out of every boyfriends some 99.9 gold jewelleries bcos they r worth a fortune now #
  • I resolve that I wl not let menopause hits me, never do line dancing n never bitch like an old lady. Hopes a thunder bolt kills me first. #
  • This racist or not racist business is getting stupid. I am a Chinese, a Hainanese and proud of it. I don't see what's the big fuss of it. #
  • hopes the VOB file converted using Handbrake to MPEG works on AE7 or I wl waste 2 hrs of nothing. Any idea how to convert vob to mpeg or avi #
  • is looking like a DAP diehard supporter bcos she can almost sing DAP Hokkien song 'Ai pia cha eh ia' n watch reruns of Han Chiang 30K video #
  • RT @simtzetzin: New way to explore Georgetown Heritage Area-by Bicycle! Rent-a-bike cost RM8. I launch the bike signage yesterday. #
  • At least we know PKR and PCM (parti cinta Malaysia) supporters are diehard fans of their respective parties. Kekekeke #
  • Today is the last Monday I get to spent as a jobless, responsibility-free, lazy, sleepy, carefree mom. Bawls!!!! I hate school! #

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