Twitter Updates for 2009-12-30

  • This is when the seasoned, old, five times mom feels excited like the first time mom, mothering a 7yrs old to Std One (orientation class) #
  • Gud morning world! It is 7 am, time to go to school. (btw, Youtube auto upload n auto-tweet, I didn't sleep 2 hrs ago) #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Lim Guan Eng : Baseless Allegations on Penang Botanic Gardens #
  • I am not kiasu, I am just bey-su. Kekekeke #
  • Moms, what do you call your husband? Papa? Daddy? Hahahaha #
  • Penang is so politicised, if you kena palang toh (parang), got politicians fighting to fight for you one. So kerng nia. #
  • My boy Std One orientation class tomolo n he is sooo excited about it. Tks God no such thing as nervous tension. #
  • How do they expect 7 yrs old to understand kata nama diri pertama, kedua & ketiga when I myself get confused?Baginda, kalian,tuanku,beta knn #
  • Tok kok lah, Thaipusam how many decades liao baru wanna lua my CM. Kong wa boh li poh eh. Think CM ciakpa boh su cho meh? #
  • My Optimax Custom All-Laser-Lasik story n Optimax Facebook page (in case u wonder, answer is Yes) #

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