Resolutions for 2010

1. Be a responsible citizen. Make things happen, don’t just bitch and bitch and not doing anything to the issues. I can do it now with my citizen journalism khang-thau.

2. Decide on a church to stick to. Now I find CHS too far, IC too cold and foreign and RC like so preachy (the parishioners, not the priest). So, there is this ‘dunno where I belong’ dilemma. Never mind, Jesus knows, and hopefully He let me strike lottery and I can afford a RM1M home in CHS parish. (cos the houses all cost RM1M in Penang now)

3. Deepen my knowledge in Theology. Prays some nice, friendly priest conduct a course here. My attempts to send money to take the long distance Theology course from India failed. My money order dunno go where already.

4. Spend a good portion of my time volunteering, maybe at the old folks home, talking to elderly folks (in pastoral care). The Mother Superior suggested this to me after she had met me a few times. Must not ignore God’s promptings cos not everyone gets attention from Mother. If she thinks I can, I can.

5. Home front? I am perfect as it is. Perfect in keeping a messy home. Maybe the only thing I need is to make sure no more plants die in my hands.

6. Be more daring, bolder, firmer, obnoxious, wiser, cooler head, less defensive, more forgiving and vocal.

7. Maintain the blog income I am getting now, or improve. Never let it slide further.

8. Remember to spend 10% of my blog income on myself buying things I don’t need. I deserve it.

9. Must get my passport chop, and by that, it means travel by air. Going to Hatyai on land is not counted.

10. Get away from the family for at least one week, all by myself. Hmmm…Maybe two weeks? Don’t care go where as long as it is some self-enrichment thingie like going for meditation, silent retreat, spiritual thingie, courses, seminars, wateva. (no, no toyboys type of clean getaway lah)

On this day of 31st December, 2009, I pledge to achieve at least 7 of the 10 things above.

5 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2010

  1. I hope that I don’t get caught up in a traffic jam tonight… drive safely and be safe… Happy New Year!! Over with the Twen”00’s” and into the Twen”teens” the Millenium just turned 10 years old.

  2. Happy New Year 2010 To You And Family. May Those Bright Shining Stars Be Upon You And Your Love Ones For 2010

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