This is where I try to make some resolutions for 2010

Wuah, I actually made 12 resolutions in 2008 for the year 2009. So, I am going to summarised if I have achieved anything from the 12 I made:

1) CJ course – I achieved that way beyond anyone’s expectations. Not even myself.

2) Son to cook for me – Yes, he is better than me in many things now.

3) No more washing butt – Yes, my little boy graduated to wash his own butts.

4) Be a catechism class teacher – Yes, I did, though still got a lot to learn.

5) Psychology class by Fr Huan – Yes, I scored very high marks. Higher than most seminarians too!

6) Continue Mt. Miriam voluntary pastoral care – I stopped in February bcos hubby went back to work. Can’t help that.

7) Make money blogging – Still making money, not as much as 2007 but not too bad lah.

8 ) 40 days of veg diet for Lent – I failed bcos I was very sick and couldn’t recover so I eat meat for strength (good excuse).

9) Buy bigger house – No money cos Penang properties price like crazy. So we are renting first.

10) Travel to Bali, New Zealand….- Epic phailed. Hubby works, works, works, no time to even take leave to drive me to eye surgery. Psst…he works in UMNO related company mah, so boh pien, have to work extra hard lor.

11) Continue being obnoxious – Yes, but I think I toned down too much.

12) Lastly, I hope to see the country get rid of its Bodohland image and be rule by justice, peace and harmony – Actually, we are a little bit better under Najib, in terms of having stupid politicians. So hate me, I say Najib is not doing too bad as our PM.

Resolutions for 2010 in next post