Twitter Updates for 2009-12-31

  • Hmmm…tonight is the last night of 2009. Maybe I go find where emo mood is, and join the emo crowd ber-emo? What emo song shall I play? #
  • Ini apa punya logik? Police hv to assure investors Johor is safe? Likedis ppl can trust sumemore meh? Lau gi na #
  • is wondering how to spend 2 hrs doing nothing in Air Itam tomolo bcos her poor Viva is there n she need to pick at 8, but appt at 10.30. #
  • until today, he never once acknowledge it. Not tt I give a shit but most smart politicians wud seng-mok n at least know our CJ existence. #
  • Actually that Exco Tourism really beh hiaw cho lang eh.Many Pg CJs hv done a lot of videos of his events but he si peh bokasi… #
  • And in conclusion…only emo people emo over an emo 2009. Dey, it is just another day, using a new calendar, ok? Terminal disease meh? #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Chingay in Penang #
  • I was watching Kungfu Hustle n editing Penang Chingay video. Now, I feel like the 'pau chou phor'. And best thing is I can laff everytime. #
  • Do u think Jackie Chan minds if I pinjam his Wong Fei Hong song for my video? Think not hor? Since I am also Chan? #
  • And I have to shout out loud that Malaysiakini videos are the bestest in the whole Malaysia (not bcos I am contributing). Seriously #
  • Bodek in the highest heaven, Jaga Pintus asking CM Lim Guan eng to prove TBH murder via @addthis #
  • Thy Will be done, Amen! #
  • Reasons I do video r to piss ppl off, help someone, give a voice, shut ppl up, bring justice, bcos I can, bcos I am obnoxious, either or. #
  • I suddenly got inspirasi to make videos, lots of them. Kekekeke, this is a good sign. Had been mouldy for a few weeks. #
  • I want fireworks, sparklers, twirling sparklers on Farmville. Send me, send me! Errmm…will these explode or not ah? #
  • It's a matter of timing, my dear Watson. Muahahahahaharrr… #

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