New Year’s eve mass at church

The idea of filming this video is something that just came up at the last minute. It is one of those things that my heart tells me to do it.

As usual, I have my hang ups doing filming in church because I respect the sanctity and privacy of people worshiping God. I have gone into the various temples, kuils and even mosques and I feel praying is a very private thing. A conversation you are having with God and hence, it is rude to intrude into someone’s solitude moment with their respective divine being.

In our Catholic church, there are certain moments when we have to be reverend because that’s when the Body of Christ is exposed to us. So, it is double pressures for me.

But, the nagging feelings in my heart says, “Go, go, go, do something!” So, after I found out who is going to be the priest for that night, I gave him an sms to ask permission.

Then, I was undecided on which angle to make my video. The ideas I had in my mind then was to show the joy of new year. Or maybe to ask my church members what they think of the court case. But when I heard Father Fabian’s homily and his reminder to us, I have to change my angle.

Meanwhile, editing isn’t easy for this short clip. I had to cut a lot of tiny clips from a very long video to fit into the gaps. I think I took triple the time I need for normal videos.

So, in the end, I am still happy with the whole sequence. I managed to joint the order of two masses into one. I hope those who have never seen the inside of our Catholic church gets a glimpse. If there is anything ‘curious’ you want to know, do ask. Like why so much smoke, what the priest means by ‘drink this blood’ and etc. I am sure you have the same curiosity like me when I was clueless about how Catholics pray.

When I see my video up on Malaysiakini, I am soooo happy. Never in my dreams I ever dream of seeing the things going on in a church shown in a public news site except for really short news clips. And certainly, I never even dare to dream that I can be one of the people to share it. But I did it! All glory and praise to Him. I am only His videographer and story teller.