The wrapping up and the opening of a year

This is where I unwind before I can sleep. The other day, I watched Avatar and can sooooo connect with Jake Sully video blog. He has to update his vblog every day for scientific purpose. But he said something like ‘it is to keep me from going insane?’

Yesterday was 31st December, 2009. The last day of the year. Initially, I wanted to join the mob of people at Esplanade at 10 pm. Before that I was supposed to go to the Visit Penang Year launching. I wanted to do the VPY because I can get nice visuals for my archive of video clips.

But around 4 pm, I received the good news that The Herald is allowed to use the term. You know what term lah, right? I hate repeating it. Don’t want to get unwanted comments.

So, I suddenly decided to forego the mob of 12,000 people and head to church. I have that jubilant feelings. The feel like want to explode kind of happiness that there is a bit of promise that our country and judiciary is not as rotten as we perceived.

Trust me, it is not about who wins or who didn’t. It is about our country, our legal system and our freedom. Sometimes, I wish I have less complicated mind where I can just live life one day at a time, without all these politics, dirty things and complicated issues to cloud my mind. But nay, then, I will have no one to irk me and that makes life boring.

So, I packed all my wires and chargers, cameras and stuffs to head to Gurney first for the VPY and then, drive to church for the mass at 10.30 pm.

It is also a good excuse for me to escape and go on an outing on my own. Kids either don’t care about new year or have their own parties to attend.

Therefore, as usual, before I go for any CJ stuffs, I pray. I prayed for a parking space, I pray that I know what to do when I film. It being a church, I do feel a bit nervous because my church is not somewhere where you can run around as you like. Those stares will pierce holes into me.

At the launch of the Visit Penang Year, the natuks-natuks all have the confetti tubes on stage. As usual, I always grab the best location when video filming. So, I got right under the stage. *BANG* the stupid confetti made of metallic kind of paper, tiny pieces, almost powdery went into my blouse, my natural curly hair and everywhere.

Yesterday, only two other regular videographers were there. Both males. And if you are the videographers, you can’t move around as easily as the normal cameramen. Our tripod doesn’t allow us to run away.

And *sshhhhh* those papers went into my bra. Itchy like hell but how to go scratch? Wuah…suffer man…..

And no, I wasn’t wearing anything low cut. Crazy meh? I was going to church wor. I was wearing a blouse with high collar but those papers were really tiny so it masuk jugak lah. Maybe because my blouse has those lubang-lubang lacey type?

Wuah…suffer mannnn.

Anyway, that concludes almost the year 2009. Maybe I shouldn’t be talking about church after crapping about my mis-adventure. I shall post another one for churchie stuffs.

So, 2009 ended beautifully for me. Someone said something that made me so happy. I wish I can believe him. Kekekeke.