Twitter Updates for 2010-01-02

  • 3pm meeting in church, 6 pm duty in church, 8.30 pm wanna see Ko-Tai at Esplanade, 12 mid wah piang pengsan! #
  • going for last minute 'Back to School' shopping n also to film LGE (AGAIN?!?!?!?, wutudo…) Folks, remember, Mon to Wed is NO plastic bag #
  • This is where I pause, thank God n give all praises to Him. 1st day of 2010 I made a video of how Catholics worship n it is on Malaysiakini #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Catholics herald #
  • Hahaha, not bcos I forgot to switch ON but I forgot to switch OFF, so that's why I cudnt find my clip! (was with an earlier clip) Thank God! #
  • I managed to squeeze 2 masses, Eng & Tamil into 7mins. Kekekeke, me the instant noodle generation mah. #
  • eats too full, even her brain can't work. Just need to type a short intro also brain shuts down. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — LGE to RTM D-G.mpg #
  • Phweet! My CJ's video of Lim Guan Eng is the first video to go online in 2010 on Yesh! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — LGE : Selangor Police BN Tool? #
  • Do you know that lauyee Lillian with two Ls also a Penang lang? She was one of the Penangite honoured. Yerr…I also Lilian too OK? #
  • U can almost tell how popular, hateful or lukewarm ppl r towards u by number of views on Mkini video.Noticed Uthaya vid not hot,wonder why? #
  • Tiu leh, I saved my files to external hard drive, it takes 10x longer to render files on AE7. I need fast machine, HD camera & a good P&S #
  • U know what? Hindraf has chopped off their bridges with media by suing so many of them. Hmmm…they need some Chinese kam-cheng tips #
  • Now that New Year is over, can we bring in the tong-tong chiang, red colour and Mandarin oranges, plus angpows too? #

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