Penang Chingay festival

I was watching Kungfu Hustler for dunno how many times already when I was editing this video. So, maybe I got a bit carried away with Wong Fei Hong’s song after too much kungfu moves.

The above is the Penang annual chingay festival. It is about showing off which Chinese association or clan produces the most heroic and strong men. It is about ego. It is about the Chinese pride. But it is an amazing street parade nevertheless.

However, I feel that if they are going to jam up the whole town with a parade like this, the least they can do is to make it more Malaysian with boria, joget, bhangra and etc. There are far too many giant flags. Maybe the organiser wish to let them have some competition like an audition before putting all of them on the streets? That way, the spectators will be treated to an amazing feat which is less repetitive?

Again, who am I to say anything?

And really, I hope DAP will not go down the same path like Koh Tsu Koon’s Gerakan led State Government because I don’t see a purpose of Danny Law leading the parade (or dancing, or anything). Do away with protocol, Exco Tourism. We had enough of double, triple standard in previous state events. We want the people-centric government CM talked about.

2 thoughts on “Penang Chingay festival

  1. Agree with you, Lilian. Danny Law or whoever should think more out of the old box. If we repeat the same old things each year,(the videos go on Youtube) who’s coming to see the same thing they can see in their own living room?

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