Twitter Updates for 2010-01-04

  • So you sure wl insist that it be not taken away right? Limpeh is yr Limpeh, and their Limpeh, and hence, our Limpeh #
  • It's like this. Say yr father surname is Limpeh n u had been using it forever. But now, the gomen claimed only certain ppl can use Limpeh. #
  • Excuse me…..? It wasn't us who started it, and we are not fighting with them. It was not even a religious matter but politics of Hamik A. #
  • As I lay me down to sleep, I pray for my views to keep,going up and hit,twenty K of hits,and they stop their shits,I oso pray for peace #
  • RT @limkitsiang: Herald website hacked as ‘Allah’ battle intensifies #
  • Due to Mkini regular videomen on long wknd hols, Jimmy & I had turned Mkini into Lim Guan Eng channel. Hope no one foams in their mouths. #
  • They and their bakgwa….haiz………..(Is this diarrhea of thots due to PMS or just PM,s ?) #
  • It is that one particular Hamik Kaynui who got over eager in showing us what power he had in his hands who blew up the issue. #
  • But that doesn't mean we don't feel a thing when morons keep bablling without checking their facts. It is not a "NOW only want to use" #
  • Thank God also, we are rather 'institutionalised' and we follow hierachy and no one speaks except the Bishops and Archbishops. #
  • Times like these, I thank God we are the more docile, patient and less confrontative ones. Thank God Jesus showed us the Way. #
  • The humour of it. Why don't they just close down all the HIGH ones if they are not going to respect its decision? #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Penang going green and mean #
  • Before the cock crows,it is going to touch 20K.I wonder how many of those who are allergic to the issue had watched it?What's on their mind? #
  • Why is everything moving so slow? Broadband, video encoding, photo downloading, time….Sleepy liao, waiting for the wheel to turn turn turn #
  • Wawawawah…Zul so worked up. And Khalid Samad earned the highest respect #
  • "If God existed, he must be crazy for not coming out with The Holy Thesaurus."(Sean the atheist) LOL. #
  • Jesus always have problems with ‘people sieving the gnats but swallowed the camel’ #
  • "Pada mulanja adalah Kalimat, dan Kalimat adalah sama Allah, dan Allah adalah Kalimat. (High Malay, 1821)" That's John 1:1 #
  • and if you want to see how the High Malay Bible looks like, here is a screenshot #
  • If you Google Bible Melayu, you get my blog post Read the comments… #
  • And in the Al-Kitab, the word Allah is not being used as and when it is fancied. It doesn't refer to Jesus. Only God in the Highest #
  • Get this clear, the Allah term is not coined by The Herald. It has been there in the olden Malay language Bible since 1800s… #

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