In the last 24 hrs

Dear blog

Today is Tuesday. It is the second day my little boy is in Standard One.
It gets easier by the dozen, they say. And indeed it is so much easier with him.
He is alert, keeping an eye on what’s going on around him. Observing and though he doesn’t totally understand BM, he can follow simple instructions.

Last night, he even wrote his name, class and subject on his Pendidikan Moral book. You know, when you have that many kids, you no longer do what first time moms do.

It’s only the second day my boy goes to school and I already sneaked away to do CJ. I cannot miss the press conference because it is about mission school. I had once gave killer stares to the CM why they separate the schools into mission, Chinese, Tamil and etc. He immediately told me, “Oh no…Lilian, don’t worry. We do not discriminate. We give out equal allocation of funds according to the needs of the schools.”

So, since it is yet another mission schools meeting with the CM, I must cover it because all my sons are there. Since my eldest son isn’t back to college yet, I asked him to pick my little boy.

You see, mission schools are not a fully aided schools and they actually thrive on parents’ donations. In urban areas, they have rich parents to contribute. In the more rural areas like Nibong Tebal and BM, these schools are rather dilapidated.

My big and small sons went for lunch together. How shweet.

So, in the last 24 hours, I have chatted with a gentleman whom had been in the government service for more than 50 years.

I have interviewed a bishop, a priest (no, not from the Catholic church), two headmasters and the CM. Not to mention the stake out that I did somewhere.

I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to download my video clips.

I’m lovin’ it! Though all the issues are swirling in my head, and I have hours and hours of editing to do, I love it!

Oh ya, my boy settles well in school. The sweetest things he had done are:
(for those who don’t read my Facebook status)

1) I asked him what he wants to drink and he said, “Limau ais” Hehehe, so cute. He thought school canteen is a mamak kopitiam. Poor thing. Only watered down Milo with no milk and sirap available.

2) I asked him to wish his headmaster good morning. He gave him a social wave instead. (but I am on good footings cos just the second day, the gurubesar had seen me in action at the CM’s press conference. So, don’t play-play, I queen of reporting)