Twitter Updates for 2010-01-05

  • Dia ingat bebudak main Lego kah? *bangs head on wall* #
  • Overheard on one of the radio stations this morning, the DJs applaud Penang's move of No Plastic Bag day. Petaling Jaya starting 9 Jan. #
  • Some did it for Hindraf.Some Gerakan.Some PKR. Me?Jesus Christ.I hope I don’t ever sway away or get sucked into DAP. #
  • It is back to the cyber scissor and glue for me. Once I am done with this, I am going into article writing. No need scissor and glue. #
  • Hmm…I just got a lightbulb moment… #
  • Seriously..some ppl can be so vocal against the State Gov but so chicken when it comes to the Herald case. Hypocrites! (n I mean Catholics) #
  • I bought black nail polish to celebrate my 'no more contact lense, hence can keep index n middle fingernail long'. Now I dare not apply… #
  • And after running all over in my real Lilianville, my Farmville rice and blackberries withered. So sad… #
  • U know what's more stressful than mother-in-law staring over yr shoulder when u cook? My 6 yrs old boy checking what's for dinner n when eat #
  • I woke at 6 am, it is 7.30 pm n I still can't sit down n rest yet. Been to skool, Lvl 28, home, kitchen, laundry, Too tired to eat too. #
  • Tenkiu God, I luv u as usual. Bcos my palms are allergic to soap powder n my washing machine died. But I hv a husband, remember? #

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