Of 60 minutes, one siao lang, Michael Buble and McD

So, here I am. The poor woman who is leeching to her dear youngest son like a barnacle to a rock.

The gurubesar & teacher asked us parents to wait at the canteen. I would rather go home and sleep but I still need to see that he is used to getting to the canteen and eat the foods spread out for him. So, few more days of this clinging on. Me to him. Not him to me. He doesn’t care if I am still around or not.

The nearest place with aircond and wifi is McD Greenlane. Refillable coffee. Plus one sausage McMuffin costs only RM4.20 net. I am bringing the muffin to my little boy which means I have to finish whatever the canteen provided today. His breaktime is at 10.15 am and it is 9.05 am now.

I have about two hours but I spent 45 minutes negotiating for an appointment. *roll eyes*

Outside my glass window here at McD, there is a man who is a bit mental. He talks to himself at first. Now, he is walking around and talking to himself. He is too much of a distraction because people love to stare at ‘crazy people’. Now, he walks in with an empty paper McD cup to ask for coke refill.

Michael Buble and Chris Daugtry are on air. And I am logging off from this blog now because my video is finished encoding.

What would I do without a blog? I am just like the siao lang who just had his coke refilled. He is walking coolly out of McD and back to talking to himself. Just like me. Only thing is I talked to my blog. Hmm..I wonder what the man will say if I give him a laptop to blog instead? What is going on in his mind? Who is he conversing with?

3 thoughts on “Of 60 minutes, one siao lang, Michael Buble and McD

  1. Bryan – Breakfast of McMuffin, refillable coffee is RM4.20 nett. I had breakfast of nasi lemak and teh, is RM6 at kopitiam. Go McD more worth it, got aircond, wifi, music, pretty/handsome sales staffs and the whole jar of coffee and tea.

    Apa nama – Ya lah, I see liao only realise I also siao like the guy lah. Only thing is I look professionally siao nia.

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