Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06

  • I hv one hr parking myself in McD with a cup of coffee n a muffin I am not eating. Let's see how much I can achieve in an hr. #
  • Ystdy, one wise sage shared with me about local election in Georgetown n I hv a much better understanding now than reading those blogs. #
  • In as much as I want to bliv, this is funny 'it could spell danger for both existing political blocks, the BN & PR #
  • Time moves very slow when you have routine like waking up at 6.30 am every single day and drive through jam. Haih.. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — new year #
  • Today I interview CM n he insist I put in video of his wishes for me for the year 2010. Sigh..I told him, Yerr..dunwan. He insist. HOW le? #
  • Oh ya, I must jot down that some video camera company boss whom had watched some of my videos praised me sooooo much.Doh…I want camera #
  • My post on The Herald and Allah issue dated 20 Jan 2009 #
  • Since I hv never study Theology or anything related to religion, it is my principle never to discuss any parts of the Bible with 'others' #
  • Chialat lor, now my personal blog seems to rank well for the hot issue. I don't need obstinate ppl to come peering into my thoughts. #
  • ..cause me in trouble bcos they also shoot the messenger in our country.' He said leave it to PAS to speak. Wise decision. #
  • I wish politicians wud butt out of the Allah issue. I told a leader today, 'Better you don't say something than say the wrong thing n cause #
  • It was six hrs since I last updated my FB status. Have a crazy but fun day today. Now off to another assignment. #

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