Twitter Updates for 2010-01-07

  • Oh routine, where are you? When are you coming back? #
  • Cool! Connected thru bluetooth with Celcom fm some school. Can FB, can blog, can surf. Eating canteen foods cos I hv only RM8 🙁 #
  • I feel like the world most powderfool woman #
  • lillian, no one Indian can ever forget about your role in the KBP issue..thanks to you and LGE KBP is dead too (someone said this) #
  • What doesn't kill us definitely makes us stronger, kwailaner, braver, seh-mor-er…kekeke #
  • If I can't talk without kena sub-juices (LOL), at the very least, lemme go piss constipated Gerakan fellas for release tension #
  • <<<<wakakakaka, excuse me, I just feel like pissing people off, those who are allergic to LGE types. #
  • Mamma Mia, my Christian Journey blog has so many long winded comments arguing abt THAT thing? Like doh…I wl allow all bcos I lazy to read #
  • And you are going to see bimbo thoughts on my blog until this die down bcos I don't need ppl waiting to pounce on me. I am good girl. #
  • If I am martyr one day over this, please remember my Lilian is spelt with only one L. And my surname comes first before Lilian. #
  • Scary shits man, my blog traffic went up over Allah issue (page 1 on Google on most keywords) (dated TWO years ago) #
  • Kita mesti rasa bangga kerana mamak besi buruk boleh buat bisnes antarabangsa yang berjuta RM. Sila tepuk sikit? Kekekeke #
  • I was born a Buddist on my birthcert, practise Taoist filial piety and angkongs and turned to Catholicsm. Anything I can help ewe? *grins* #
  • Ystdy someone quoted Matthew 5:5 when I said some things r better left unsaid than being said n cause further problems.That's why I like him #

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