Message from Bishop and also CM Lim Guan Eng on the Allah issue

I was having buffet lunch with my 3 sons when I got an sms about a protest. After some discussion, it was decided that my eldest son will drop me at the place and fetch my little boy home.

Thank God that nothing happens. People are peaceful and calm. So, I decided to walk to Chulia Street and take a bus home. It was fun taking a bus, after 30 years. I don’t even know I need to take a ticket after paying. I don’t know where the bell is. I don’t know where the bus stop is.

After I got home around 4 pm, I immediately start charging my camera battery, phone battery and etc because I have a feeling that I may need the camera anytime, what with the burning and fire-bombing in KL and such.

True enough, I got an sms at 5pm that CM Lim Guan Eng is going to our church. I had to rush because driving to church in office and school hours are madness. Thank God I arrived on time. But that was dunno how many times I prayed, “Jesus….I cannot be late, please please please…” Because there was a 4WD stalled at the Scotland flyover and an accident near CHS.

Trust me, if you cannot trust Jesus on small matters like getting you to a place on time, you cannot trust anyone for bigger tasks. So, if you have problems with faith, try giving your trust in small matters first. I got to church at 5.57 pm.

I got these two videos done asap because I feel it is important we plant in our mind that nothing is happening here in Penang. I hope you are all inspired with what CM Lim and Bishop said.

BTW, (from here on, it is gossip for my friends nia) I told CM, “Welcome to my church.” He gave me the ‘what? YOUR church?” I told him, yes, I am proud that this is MY church. And when it was over, I joked that he should join us more often. He said, “Yes, I will come more regularly.” I told him, “Weekly”

I also discussed with Bishop which part of his speech can I include in the video and Bishop gives me the blessing to do so.

People ask me if I do self-censorship in my video reporting. Yes, I do. I report what I think is fruitful and beneficial. Like I told some people, I make ‘feel good’ videos.