Saya manusia ‘Tiada Berkerja’

I kena sebijik or-cheh. (or-cheh = black-green or blue black) The realisation that saya ini manusia tiada berkerja. Adoi..sakit nyerrrr….

Beginning of the year, we have lots of forms and stuffs to fill for my little boy. My handwriting sucks so I asked him to ask his father to fill. I forgot all about those forms already. Just now, I was going through my boy’s bag and checking his books.

So, this mommy is a manusia ‘Tiada Berkerja’ under Pekerjaan Ibu. Not Working. Unemployed. Penggangur. Burden to society. The kind who doesn’t contribute taxes to the nation yet taxed all your taxpayers money by damaging the roads, using your oxygen, littering your grounds….

But…who cares lah. I am Mother Teresa-wannabe. I want to be a saint. So, I no need to work one. I eat air to get full.

Still, KNN leh, so gek-sim nia. I think I better go apply for a job like a janitor or mak cik guard just so I have a pekerjaan. Then, I got Socso and a payslip for maybe RM500 per month. So, I mah got Occupation lor hor?

16 thoughts on “Saya manusia ‘Tiada Berkerja’

  1. Lilian, I also ‘Tidak Berkerja’.So we start a club? But if any one wants to hire me then I got ‘occupation’ too! In the meantime, just enjoy my ‘tidak berkerja-ness’.

  2. Who says you ‘Tiada Berkerja’? You can write “Citizen Journalist” under Pekerjaan Ibu. Dunno what it is in Malay , perhaps “Wartawan Rakyat”.

  3. APA NAMA – Please tell me why my blog always attract nuts geh? *points to comment #4*

    Bryan – I go Lorong Selamat and fight with the lau ee in goggle one.

    Mun – You don’t get the joke hor? That one is written by my husband lah. That’s why I rant lor.

    Momo – You never mind lah, chewren big liao. I hari hari drive between LaSalle school road and Tanjong Bungah. That day I forget where I was suppose to be heading. Drive until sott jor.

  4. Actually I know it is written your husband. Just thought you might want him to acknowledge your work as a CJ by letting him know to write CJ next time when filling anymore forms. Sorry for not being clear. Anyway keep up the good CJ work. Nowadays I don’t read any newspapers, just your blog so keep it up! 🙂

  5. Haha…Lil, I pulak ter’write’ Penolong Pengarah instead of Penolong Pengurus for my husband. He almost had his eyes came out of the socket when he saw that. I got mixed that up in a hurry, maybe your husband could not think of proper words to write that time.

  6. mama22beas – Amboi, the borang and buku to fill in is crazy. All the parents yang tak begitu fasih, pening lah. I buat bodoh, malas nak digest all those columns, blood type yadda yadda yadda.

  7. Aiya… i was just thinking i ask the canteen lady to let me work part-time there so that i can make sure my kid eats during recess, lol.

  8. Ada pekerjaan – Menteri Dalam Rumah (Home Minister) better than the one held by Kerismudin

  9. Tell me about it! I’d just hate it at how I’m reduced to 0 each time I fill in ‘housewife’ etc in the occupation columns 😛

    But I work part-time wor…which is better ‘housewife’ or ‘freelance writer’???

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