Let’s see the positive side of things

These thoughts have been swirling in my mind but I hardly have time to sit down to pen them down. My schedule today starts at 8 am because I wanted to arrive early at the Georgetown Baptist Church.

Before that, let me roll back to last night. CM Lim Guan Eng visited the Reservoir Garden Baptist Church at midnight. Somehow in one way or another, I had a conversation with Rev. Koe earlier in the day. I thought he knew CM is going to GBC but he didn’t. So, as usual, in his chirpy self, he joked why CM goes there and not his church as RGBC is in CM’s Air Putih constituency.

I kepoh sms and related what Rev Koe said. And never thought about it until almost midnight when CM’s press sec asked me if there are people in RGBC. I panicked of course. VIP going at that hour, who would be in church lah.

But I phoned Rev. Koe and he assured me there will be people. He rushed over.. When CM’s visit was over, he told me they had some youth BBQ so there was a group of people. Phew…Thank God.

To many people, this is probably one of those politicians gimmick of being in the thick of action. I too agree that it is, in a way. But I know CM and I have faith that he is caring and concern about his people.

So, after a short filming at GBC, I head over to the Dewan Bandaraya building to see the new councilors swearing in ceremony. Then, a reporter told me he is going to St. Xavier to film some Indian Muslims event. I love the idea of being in SXI. So, I tagged along.

I like to see the positive side of things. When I was with the Indian Muslims, I feel a certain security that we in Penang are living in very harmonious situation.
Actually, I was the only Chinese there. Kekekeke.

My conclusion is, these incidents have brought people closer. We forged a certain bond. Some people who hardly go to church begins to feel that they should be there to show solidarity.

As with everything, we shall overcome. I am glad that our Catholic church has taken a very mild approach. In fact, Father Joe Stephens did not even bring up the issue today during mass. He being who he is, someone who is very fiery and talks about justice, had kept quiet. I suppose it is not easy.

This is the time when people are put to test. Bad politicians, bad administrators and all will be weeded out. The time when the wheat is separated from the chaff. The time when we are put in a furnace and only the gold remains.

That’s what the Almighty has in store for us. Are we strong, patience, calm, loving, understanding, wise and caring enough to withstand it?

Oh ya, when I was going out of church today, I met my RCIA facilitator. He remembered me. I forgot his name. But we used to correspond when I was going through my RCIA. He described himself as a radical Catholic. He said something to me, “I am glad that the Pakatan Rakyat leaders are standing together with us.” So, I told him, “Hey, that’s me who did the videos!” He said, Oh..you are that Lilian.

He was utterly proud of me. It is beautiful. After six years of baptism, today on the Baptism of the Lord, I received affirmation that turning to Christ has transformed me.

Thank you, Lord. And thank you Lord that Albert or is it Andrew or is it Nicholas (gah I cannot remember) said Pakatan Rakyat leaders standing with us makes a difference.

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  1. Forgive me but all these prayers, consolation and coming together to condemn the bombing – its platitudes and its been DONE more than a few times. Not saying its not important but so WHAT? There is still a bomb ticking. The Christians in this country will not react violently against these attacks. But sooner or later it will reach a Hindu or Chinese temple or school. What is our answer to that? One step at a time? Its not one step at a time and if it is, its in the wrong direction.

    Its not a time to debate or even just to pray anymore. Its time to make a decision. A fundamental one. There is no ‘patching up’ solution for these things we have been doing for 40 years.


    Hi Lilian,

    Stumbled across UR blog whilst searching for wedding-related things in Malaysia. Just a quick question..or rather a couple of questions..hehe

    Well it’s like this..I recently got engaged & my fiance & I are plannin’ on a wedding in Malaysia. But we live in Melbourne. My parents are Malaysian. And about 90% of relatives live in Malaysia..So that’s why we have decided on having the wedding in Malaysia (easier & cheaper with travel for guests).

    Any suggestions for wedding venues in Malaysia? In particularly Penang? Would a wedding in Langkawi be tacky to a local Malaysian? If U got a wedding invite to Langkawi, what are your first impressions/thoughts?

    We are leaning towards an outdoorsy wedding/reception..beach/garden.

    The more luxurious & ridiculously-grand the venue..the better šŸ™‚

    The wedding will also be a family reunion. So I would love for it to be memorable.


    **any suggestions from readers will be greatly appreciated too**

    thanks thanks,


  3. Rachel – Wow, lucky girl! Well, if you ask me, I think people will prefer Penang as the venue cos there is more to do in Penang than Langkawi. It provides that nostalgic, down memory lane for many. And if you are looking for some local flavour with luxury, I would think Rasa Sayang will provide that. If you want, I can ask them to write to you.

  4. if I may add…

    got to ask….what does the wedding ceremony mean to you?
    is it to impress upon others? is it to satisfy others’ expectations? afterall, it’s just a ceremony. Go to Rasa Sayang, a table for 10 will cost fr Ā£1500 upwards. is tht money well spend? I think it;s ridiculous to splash out even on anyone’s wedding.

    if it’s an entirely family affairs.. I think Langkawi is a better venue than Penang island. PG has too many distractions.

    if I were you, exchange vows on the beach and insist on every guests to turn up with beach gears.

    I urge you to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0, it’s priceless.

    me and my wife hav agreed that we will hav small intimate wedding for all our children and use the leftover money as down payments for car/house etc

  5. JT – WOI, you don’t spoil ppl’s mood lah. Apalah lu. I think nowadays people tend to splurge on their weddings cos their spending power more powerful mah. Somemore if you ask some uncles and aunties to turn up in slippers, they will curse you lah. It is a tradition/culture, I suppose.

  6. wei…. i’m just being frank-ma. my parents spent a small fortune on my wedding, 2 banquets in PG and 1 in KL. tht whole week, i honestly lost track of the time and day. everything was like a blur. didnt recognise the majority of the guests. didnt eat much… in fact I lost weight tht week, it was tht stressful. there were only 2 nice memories I still treasured fr tht week, no.1 was the studio photo session where there were only me, my wife, the photographer, his assistance n the beauty/make up artist, and the other was to c my wife walking down the stairs towards the ballroom with the song-Finally Found Someone played (instead of the traditional wedding song). I suspect we may have inadvertently started this trend 12 yrs ago. yes, there were tears in my eyes.
    no matter how much u spend on yr wedding, it’s no guarantee 4 a long lasting loving marriage.
    ultimately, it’s Racheal’s wedding, she can do whatever she likes. Cantonese ppl say ‘daughter grows older daughter’s world’

  7. Thanks for your suggestions Lilian & JT.

    Lilian – My fiance & I will probably visit the hotels before we contact them. Rasa Sayang does look like a nice venue for an outdoor wedding. Thanks again šŸ™‚

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