Sunday is for Godly stuffs

And I don’t have any Godly feelings left lately because of the stupidier-by-the-minute comments spewed by our politicians. It has gotten so stupid that now, if given them a chance make the law, I am actually illegally possessing illegal Bible and Christian story books.

I can say it is a foresight that two years ago, I actually went out of my way to find a Bahasa Melayu Al-Kitab when The Herald first started the court case. At that time, I was wondering why Herald has to be such a nuisance, making us like we are the troublemaker.

So, I had to see for myself what’s the fuss. God is great. By now, I know how sacred the word ‘Allah’ is. I know when not to use it. And frankly, I never need to use it. Plus I know justice and injustice, wisdom and foolishness.

When I was talking in Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, I have never uttered a word of Allah. That’s because for me, my connection with God is through Jesus Christ. It has always been Yesus for me. I cannot feel comfortable having a fatherly figure for a God because I never actually have a father figure in my life. My own father died when I was very young so I was never given a fatherly impression in my life.

That’s the thing about us Christians. We have our Holy Trinity. Some of us feel a closer relation with our God through Jesus, some through the Holy Spirit and some the Almighty God. It is like whether you see yr dad as the uptight, disciplinarian, the buddy-buddy friend or the always-will-save my sorry ass without a fuss kind.

What pissed me in this whole issue is not who can use and who cannot use. What pissed me is how some politicians are willing to ‘mengadai pendirian mereka semata-mata untuk mendapat persetujuan yang lebih popular. ‘ Bagi saya, itu seolah-olah meletakkan tuhan mereka ke tahap yang lebih rendah dengan tujuan untuk mengekalkan kedudukan mereka sebagai seorang ahli politik. Ini amat memalukan agama dan tuhan mereka.

I tell you, if the law minister has stood by his firm decision to uphold the sacredness of his god and in the process, refused to let us use the same term, i would have respected him more. But when he suggested to separate us Christians into East Malaysia & West Malaysia and even have the cheek to suggest to us to use the Allah and Tuhan in the Bible at different location, he is nothing but a moron.

Christianity is one body. We are one universal body that makes up the service that Jesus Christ expected from us. Christianity is about serving with one heart and one mind. Of course, we don’t always live up to that expectation. But that’s the gist of our belief.


Actually, I drafted the above for sometime already but never find the guts to publish it. There is this unknown fear of the unknown backhand. One fellow Twitterer said we have to be careful in order not to get into ISA.

But nay, I am sick of being afraid of the unknown. I am not demanding or instigating anything. I merely want to see my country respect its court’s decision, go through the proper process and less politicians tokking kok.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. And with an awesome Jesus, why sweat the small stuffs? I know I am not very passionate about this Allah issue like other Catholics. And I think I know why. To me, it is all about Christ. Jesus would probably laugh if I get too worked up. He would probably says, “Hey, woman, leave the dirty job to the Archie Bee Shop. That’s his job. God doesn’t anoint the Archbishop, Bishops and priests for nothing, you know? They will know what to do. Just go do your stuffs and show them how cool I AM. Oh yeah..”

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  1. Lilian, like most Christians/Catholics, it is Jesus Christ for you. I find this most interesting for the name of God, Yahweh which is translated at LORD in the NT/OT appears more than 7,000 times in the Scripture yet not many people know that God’s name is Yahweh but are more familiar with the name Jesus. If only the early Jewish translator translate Yahweh as Yahweh instead of replacing it with LORD then maybe we wouldn’t have this Allah controversy. As far as I know, the Jerusalem Bible is the only one that translate it accurately as Yahweh.

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