A few things I like to note :

1) Fr Lawrence Andrew said Catholics not only pray silently, sing and worship but we carry out our faith as well. Therefore, we do involve and get interested in things related to the environment, society, human aspects and etc from the faith angle. So, it shouldn’t been seen as political.

2) The Herald did not USE the term Allah. They are only quoting in the Bahasa Melayu version parts of the scripture which is from the Bahasa Melayu Al-Kitab where the word Allah is referred for the Almighty God.

3) The Herald has a controlled circulation and there is no instance of it being ended up with Muslims. So, nobody can accuse The Herald of spreading it anywhere else.

4) Catholics are urged to remain calm. It is a small momentary setback. But we will learn a lot from this experience.

Like I had mentioned earlier, there is a silver lining to it.