Week 3

I am so not gonna be a grandma and go through this motion again. Sons, remember ok? I will never, ever volunteer to help you take care of your kids. Not even if you bribe me with a fat monthly allowance and a tour around the world twice a year. No. Not even if each of you offers me 2 trips x 4 of you, 8 times around the world in 365 days.

I have enough. I love my kid. But I also love the meaning of being mobile. Not tied to the school fence, waiting for the gate to be unlock and then, lock again.

I told the gurubesar. You can stop the mothers from visiting during break time already. Then, I don’t need to hang around anymore.

But I didn’t tell him why. Because my boy is emo-black mailing me again. He doesn’t need me during break time because the canteen auntie provides him a plate of rice/noodle. If he wants other extras, he knows how to buy/get it jotted into the 555 credit book (which I will pay at the end of the month).

When he is done eating, he went on to play with his friends. Completely ignoring me except asking me to hold the water bottle for him. I had to drive Tanjung Bungah – Green Lane just to hold water bottle.

I said I am not visiting. He terus answered, “Other mommies come, you don’t want to come. Horrr….you don’t care about your boy lah. You don’t love me lah.” If that’s not enough, he added more salt, “You do what at home ah? Sleep and play Farmville?”

**talking to self**
Lilian, I am so ashamed of you! Last time you used to laugh at those mothers who stood outside the school gate. You said, they got no life lah, they got nothing better to do lah, so much time, go volunteer help the poor, orphans, aged etc lah. Now you are doing the same thing.
**end talking to self**

Anyway, the school gives special access cards to mothers whose children have special needs like food allergies, slow development, dwarfism, ADHD, autism and etc. So, they are free to go in. For regular moms like us, we need to stand outside the locked gate. And enter only when the break time bell rings.

The other day, I joked with my boy, “Eh, you not afraid your friends say you sissy cos you need your mommy?” He retorted, “I will punch them in the face.” (no, my boy is not aggressive type, he is joking)

A couple of years, or maybe just months from now, I know I will look back fondly at the chance I had to pamper my kid. The gurubesar only allows us to go in till end of this month. After that, no more entry. I am not going to be the no-life moms who stood outside the compound and wipe sweat for my boy through the iron bars fencing. Nah ah.

Whatever and however much I complained, I am so lucky to be able to afford the time to spend leisurely with my kid when he starts school. It has been three precious weeks. Tomorrow (i.e. Thursday) I am not going to visit him. I showed him my email.

“See? Read? 10.00 pagi. But 10 am is your breaktime. Email from who? Mommy wants to go and video. Can? Mommy wants to ask him about the dragon boat thingie. Can or notttttt?”

Finally, my little master agreed. I had tried once but the reason wasn’t valid enough. He told me, “Ohh…you don’t want to come and see me lah. You
love your video more lah.” But this time, he understands.

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