So many things, so little time

Begin with the end in mind. Imagine writing your own eulogy. That’s what I learned from self-help book by Stephen Covey, 7-habits of highly effective people more than a decade ago.

And everyday, we can contribute to this ‘eulogy’ we are writing. Today, I went to the funeral of one of the five boys who died in the dragon boat mishap. I have no intention of going at all but I was displeased with the silent mode adopted by the CM.

And when I am displeased, I make sure people knows I am displeased. I had told him before the CNY function begins that I expect him to say something. He told me he didn’t have time because he is rushing for the funeral of Zi Jun. He told another press reporter the tourism exco will issue the full statement.

Fine. No comment? Then, I shall not waste my morning. I went to funeral because I had chickened out from the others. Do you know that Yi Zhiang, another boy looked as cute as my Matthew when he was in Standard One? There was this photo of him with Jason (another boy who died) when they were in Std. One. So, that’s why I dare not attend the others funerals because I felt like I know them. It will be too painful. Moreover, I saw the body at the tragedy site, so it is even harder.

So, anyway, I made a nice video but I just can’t seem to upload since 4 pm. I had tried like more than 10 times. The broadband sucks today.

Back to the tourism exco’s statement. His press secretary sent an email to me with the statement but it went into my spam and I ter-delete before I managed to read it. Now, it is being sent as part of the tourism event notices.

It is a badly crafted statement with no tact, no compassion and purely to save his own arse piece.

You know, when I was there for two days, I witnessed with my own eyes how hardworking Danny Law is. I know he is very sad with what happened to the boys. I know it is unfair for most of the press to imply that it is his fault. I did feel a bit guilty to have a YB offering me nasi lemak when I had secretly been dissing him behind his back.

But the method the Penang State Government took to evade this issue is very disappointing.

CM Lim said he is asking the Federal Gov to carry out an inquiry.
Danny Law said he supports the Penang State Gov’s move. Hey, you ARE the state government, you know? And next time, send your condolences first before you push the blame. By trying to defend Chung Ling from the blame of the Education Dept. Director, you are indirectly part of the blame game too, you know? Plus, dude, you are in charge of tourism, why draw out the guidelines on boat safety? Are you even qualified?

I know some of you MPs and Aduns and office boys read my blog. Go ahead and disagree with me. Defend your boss stand if you wish. Go and squeal to him, I don’t care. But I think it is kinda tai-chi for CM to ask the Fed Gov to carry out the inquiry when they had all along never trust the Fed Gov.

All we Penangites want to hear is the state takes the blame as well. Give us the assurance that you are hauling up all the parties for an open inquiry or whatever term you all want to use it. It is as simple as getting the police, fire and rescue, school heads, school boards, the sport club, the parents, the dragon boat committee and whoever had been involved in the past years. Punch each other into pulp, scratch and pull hair, I don’t care. Sit down, face it and move on.

It is not to pick on who is right and who is wrong. It is to get things sorted out. After all, it was the CM who once told me, “First you must repent and atone bla bla bla before healing” I am not asking the State to be the scapegoat or be the fall guy. But I expect a magnanimous act to say sorry, we failed to ensure the safety of your sons. We will do everything to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

I don’t freaking want to hear Danny Law insisting that the previous location is not the same as this location. It is still the same area, dude. I don’t want to hear from Danny Law that all along, the schools had been using the place. We know that. Telling us that is the same as you blaming the school, the children and everyone else except yourself.

And now, back to my title and opening line. How does that apply? Well, today, I heard some very simple but very touching eulogy from Zi Jun’s friends. If I had not attended the funeral, I probably wouldn’t care so much about this issue. But now, I saw a promising young man’s life (along with his other friends) wasted simply because we were all negligent. And the sad thing is no one seems to be sorry about it.

Someday when I died, I hope I had done something that makes people remember me by. That’s why I don’t let things just pass me by, without doing anything even when it irks me. Who cares if my eulogy goes something like, “Oh I am so glad that bitch died. She was such a pain in the arse when she was alive. So full of ego. Thinks the world revolves around her. Phtooi…rest in piss.”

Until and unless I see some positive action being done, I shall just pout. BTW, my expression shows. CM asked me, “Lilian, how are you? Are you ok?” My reply, “You better talk today.” I guess I have much faith and trust to dare to respond in such a way. I still have faith. Just don’t disappoint the Penangites.

5 thoughts on “So many things, so little time

  1. Yes, Zi Jun was an outstanding young man with bright future ahead. So were the others perished. They were so full of life. And they are gone just like that. So sad. The incident should not have happened. Negligent has caused it all. May their souls rest in peace…..

  2. What happened was NOT an accident. It was NEGLIGENCE of so many parties. The kids and and the (teacher was a big kid) had died because they were naive and trusting. Our education system produces people with good academic and co curriculum results , but most times just people who obediently follow instructions without protesting, making queries or even,thinking. How do you expect the kids to know all this, they are all kids !

    Danny law and the LGE , the state govt, the way you talk is worse than the previous govt in this case. IT is just total shit from your mouths.

  3. Beware,lilian’s on a warfare!! I strongly support you.I am very much affected by the tragedy.This is purely negligence and complacency of mankind.Unfortunately,it is irreversible.My heart goes out to the bereaved families,i can only pray.

  4. Yeah, I fully agree with you. The tourism exco’s statement is cold and a typical ‘it’s not my fault’ response. Does he even know that only our Police Marine Authority has jurisdiction over Malaysian marine water? I support you on the matter that the CM should makes a positive response asap.

  5. Another unfortunate incident has occurred. We Malaysians are only good at pushing the blame to others. Wake up ppl, safety is always the number one priority for any kind of activities.
    I have seen parents walking with their children on the outer part of busy roads, letting children bicyling or running across busy roads etc.
    When innocent lives are lost, who do we blame? Yadda,yadda,yadda. The stupid government change the venuelah. They were not supposed to train in that placelah.
    Pleaselah, investigate what went wrong and put in place the necessary safety measures else forget about the dragon boat competitions and events before more innocent lives are lost…

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