Rude kids

Weekend is here again. But weekends mean more work for me. Let’s see…There is replacement class for Chinese New Year. My poor little kid is starting to complain that school is boring and hours so long.

How not to be boring when he has to make repetitive lines and write ABCs? Homework is colouring. I like sekolah kebangsaan, really. Not much homework. I only need to brush up on his BM. Poor kid can’t tell if Helmi is a boy or a girl name in the kata nama khas. Can you blame him? *roll eyes* Tiu, use lah Ali, Ahmad or Abdullah.

Talking about homework, the other day while I was chatting with the gurubesar, a couple went up to him and complained, “Aiyoyo, my son comes to school two weeks already, why he no homework?” There are all kind of parents out there. One mother doesn’t like her son to play sand. There is a patch of sand where they put the flagpole. So boys being boys are attracted to the sands.

This mother told the gurubesar, no money to patch up the ground with cement issit? Nah, RM50 for you to do so. The gurubesar told me, “Aisay, too bad you were not here when she did that.” Kekekeke, I am famous! (for being as kwailan)

I tell you, the gurubesar is sipeh kwailan so if we talk, we just click. I cannot believe the kind of shits parents expect from a public school. If I am the headmistress, I will show these parents the school gate and ask them go find a private school. Go pay a few thousand ringgit per month and you are free to bitch and rant all you want.

Actually, the gurubesar whispered to me he told one parent off, “You go next door to the Chinese school, put your son there for three months. Come back and tell me if you still have the same opinions.”

After so many kids, I can safely say that if we have given them the proper foundation, we are quite safe. But the sad thing is I don’t know what kind of things parent teach their kids nowadays. There are boys who will bring the school canteen plastic cup to the open ground and use that to kick as a ball. Then, there are boys who will kick the butt of the Pak Guard. Many boys just throw their rubbish anywhere on the ground. It is shocking! As far as I am concerned, these are all kurang ajar behaviours. There are acceptable naughty boys characters and there are plain, kurang ajar, rude characteristic that kids learned from their parents.

I have enough of sticking around schools and observe rude kids. There are so many of them. They would bump right into some mothers and when the mothers went, OUCH, the kid doesn’t know the meaning of sorry. They just stop, stare and run again.

Maybe I can ask if the gurubesar if he wants to hire matron Lilian. I will walk around with a rotan, dark rimmed spectacles and whack those rude kids. Hmm….but then again, I don’t even do that to my own.

12 thoughts on “Rude kids

  1. Sigh… Yeah, some kids these days…

    Can imagine you standing there with giant rotan. Sure the kids will walk straight, head down starring on the ground as they go to class.. LOL!! *thumbs up*

  2. Not only boys. Girls can be very naughty and difficult to control nowadays. Sigh!! I am starting to get worry about my 2 kids. Although primary school is many years to go (if counting my fingers, it is not that long), I am worry about the peer pressure and influences in schools.

  3. I’ve seen men in expensive suits just throw their rubbish
    anywhere on the ground. So it is not surprising that some boys do that too, they just learn from their parents.

  4. haih…I m having problem with my son also. So difficult to teach him manners when he ‘learn’ all the bad habits from his friends in nursery. How to discipline la? always rotan also not solution. scold also he buat tak tau. Headache, headache. Can drop him off at your house instead ah?

  5. So many have agreed with you about the kids… but I’m going to agree with you on the kwailan-ness of the gurubesar.

    Just happened to chat with him for the first time last Saturday. Confirm kwailan. But it really does take someone with that kind of wit and firmness to run a school nowadays. Otherwise he will be eaten up by the kids and their loyarburok parents and grandparents!!

  6. The thing is some of us parents have not taught our children the ‘p’s and ‘q’s. It is indeed sad but who is to be blamed?

  7. welcome to the rotan club. my eldest son started on rotan when he was 16 months. i am not sure if it works but he know what will become of him if he misbehaves although the rotan is a great showpiece in general.

  8. Hi Lilian

    My girl just started primary one as well so I can relate to your stories about Matthew.

    Talking about rude kids, yesterday while I was waiting for my turn in the q to buy some food in the canteen, one father came up from behind with his young son and teach the son to push his way through. I heard that as he was just behind me and I told him off in Chinese ‘cannot push. How can you teach your son to push? It’s rude’. That is why we have rude kids.

  9. Agnes..

    Hehehehe… same same here. Use the rotan sparingly but if use, must be kow kow. No play play garu garu bontot.. Let the child kena kow kow one time and it will stay in his/her mind for a long long time. After that, the rotan is just a show piece or can use to whack tables and chairs to give the dramatic effect. Works all the time…

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