We were in the car, after dinner. Passing by those lanes along Chulia Street. There was an old angmoh couple enjoying their evening walk.

So, I told my little boy, “Next time when you have grown up and papa and I have nothing to do, we also go holiday and walk around aimlessly like them.”

#5 : Next time I pay you fifteen thousand dollar for washing my butts and do everything for me.

Me : How much, fifty or fifteen?

#5 : Fifteen thousand

Me : Then, papa leh, how much he gets? Or he doesn’t get anything?

#5 : Cincailah…I give him ten thousand

Me : *Hands in the air* Yay, I win! I get fifteen, you lose, you get ten only.

Papa : Why I get ten only….*do sad face*

#5 : Ok lor, fifteen also lah

Haih…so sweet.

I hope that is USD15K.