My kid is compensating me for washing butts

We were in the car, after dinner. Passing by those lanes along Chulia Street. There was an old angmoh couple enjoying their evening walk.

So, I told my little boy, “Next time when you have grown up and papa and I have nothing to do, we also go holiday and walk around aimlessly like them.”

#5 : Next time I pay you fifteen thousand dollar for washing my butts and do everything for me.

Me : How much, fifty or fifteen?

#5 : Fifteen thousand

Me : Then, papa leh, how much he gets? Or he doesn’t get anything?

#5 : Cincailah…I give him ten thousand

Me : *Hands in the air* Yay, I win! I get fifteen, you lose, you get ten only.

Papa : Why I get ten only….*do sad face*

#5 : Ok lor, fifteen also lah

Haih…so sweet.

I hope that is USD15K.

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