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So here I am with a laptop, refillable coffee and a fillet o’fish at McDonald’s again. This is Week 4 and the headmaster still allows us parents to visit our little boys at breaktime.

This will be the last week. From February onwards, we can no longer enter the school compound. Only parents with special needs children get special passes to do so.

And I am glad! Now I have legitimate reason to stay at home without the need to rush out and then, have to find a place to kill 1 hr 45 minutes till school finish.

But we mothers are suckers. We will complain of the sun, the heat and the scary pigmentation and wrinkles. Yet, we will faithfully stand outside the school compound under the hot CNY sun to wait for the school guard to unlock the gate.

Not only that, I also went home for a short while after I dropped my son and went to the morning market. In that few minutes, I made egg and ham sandwich, the egg not too cooked or it will be too hard, the ham not to dry, just enough to heat through, a dash of mayo plus cut off all the edges of the bread. Don’t forget to cut the sandwich into rectangle so the kid can eat it easily.

Blogger and Facebooker mom like me at least get to boast to the cyberworld what great mommy I am by taking a photo from the right angle to show how delicious egg and ham sandwich can be. Yayayaya, hate me, I am such a show off, no?

And with MMS, I normally take a photo of the kid at breaktime and MMS it to the father. This photo is from previous week. The bowl of food is Malay style bee hoon sup. The canteen food is quite ok, in my opinion. My boy enjoys it. The canteen caterer is a Malay but I had told her to give him only non-spicy foods. I also taught my son to bring the food back to the auntie if they forget and give him nasi lemak. He can also buy something extra if he wants.

The headmaster also allows the Standard One kids to come out for their break five minutes earlier than the Std Two and Three boys. So, there are only a few kids, i.e. about 100 students only. That means, my boy doesn’t need to rush or push for foods with the older children. A thoughtful gesture from the HM, isn’t it?

So, this is the last week I am going to hang around McD or hypermarkets. Next week, I have legitimate reason to stay home during breaktime. I just hope my boy doesn’t twist me around his little finger further by acting kor-lian, “Mommy, other mommies stood outside the gate during breaktime, why you don’t want to do that? You no love me, issit?”

8 thoughts on “A photo a day

  1. Love the pic of Matthew and beehoon soup. I’m surprised to know that the HM is so generous for allowing visits for a month. Think last year, we were allowed a week only. But a professor in my office was given priority…she had to come every single day till her son entered Std 5;). I could not believe that at first but it is true, everybody here knows that;). We can consider ourselves lucky!

  2. Ours, 1 week oni Std 1 parents allowed in. As for Std 2 parents, wah 1st day, we already kena scolded by HM and chased out of the school. Alamak! 1st day pun tak kasi chance.

  3. Your baby is lucky. There are many children whom both the parents need to work. The kid might be upset; it is even harder for the mother thinking about her kid while at work šŸ™

  4. Where and what are you up to Ms Lilian..? MIA since yesterday..no update no nothing and you say have a photo a day?? Testing market kah to know your value..? Come on lah.. have to beg meh..? šŸ™‚

  5. I tested my son who is in Std 1 now if other mommies delivered food during breaktime and he said yes. I then asked if he wanted his mommy to do the same and he replied No, I am a big boy oredi… Phew! what a relief…

  6. Tina – Hahaha, not testing market lah. The things I really want to say, can get me into trouble one. So, if I cincai-cincai write one, I feel so boring lor.

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