Ish, what will they think off next?

I really, really don’t want to blog because I have nothing good to say.

Yesterday, I was busy editing the video of a unity prayer we had in church last week. Unity as in Christians united. You see, we Christians come from different denominations. Yes, we worship only one God. The Almighty God. Yes, we believe only in Jesus Christ. And we are called Christians because we follow Christ’s teachings.

But somehow, we have Catholics, Protestants and the American churches. So, there are some things that we don’t agree upon but we never discuss it much. Like for example, some crosses on some churches are just the wood. But ours, we have Jesus Christ hanging there.

Some do not place so much emphasis on Mother Mary but we adore her. Such is our differences. Then, when other Christians denominations are in our Catholic churches, they do not (or rather we say cannot) partake in our communion. The reason is because we Catholics believe the bread and wine are the real presence of Jesus’s body and blood. Whilst, the rest take it as a Lord’s supper, roti dan ribena like that nia. Having said that, there are Catholic priests who invited other denominations to join in fellowship.

But these churches burning and etc issues have somehow brought us closer together. It has united us, closer than before.

So, I was busy trying to edit a short video. The reason is because the audio of my recording was horrible as it is a huge church and my camera captured the ambience sound. The other thing is I forgot to bring my video camera hotshoe which is the piece of thing to attach to the tripod and my video was too shaky.

I took days figuring out how to make my video without all the Christ-ie parts as I don’t want people to accuse me of trying to spread religion. I only want to show unity. The type which is sesuai untuk tuntunan awam. It is not easy to edit videos. I only wish some people can understand how hard it is for us to capture the scene, come back with a story line, cut the clips to make the story and be assured that we have not crossed any lines or borders. And most of all, when people watch a video, they didn’t waste 10 minutes of their time watching something meaningless and without a message.

Now that I have almost finished the video I was editing, this story of wildboard heads cropped up. And I am beginning to wonder if it is the right time to post my video.

Actually, what I had wanted to say (the above are all beat around the bushes) is our leader could have taken the church burning incidences more seriously earlier. Instead, do you remember what he had said? He said those people who demo had to demo because they have issues to express. The case is just arson nia. That is a blatant disregard for what is right and what is wrong. So, he was all along encouraging these expressions of dissatisfactions from only certain sides.

Like all good parents, we cannot take sides. We need to reprimand the moment someone did something wrong. We cannot say, Ok lah, let my favourite child throw tantrum.

It is stupid la. Now, our police talked like it is related to religion. Come on lah, I can safely say that none of the dan lain-lain religions are into such mischiefs. Seriously…we got better things to do. But you know what they are going to do? They will flash it on TV and in the papers, again and again that we, the dan lain-lain, are the culprits.

In times like these, like the pastors, bishops and priest said during the unity prayer, remember, the living Christ is with us and amongst us. He is Risen.

One thought on “Ish, what will they think off next?

  1. Thanks for your courage of restrain. I struggle with that often that there are times to just be quiet and time to speak up.
    I remember you also hv a faith blog, I think the video would do just nice there, hope that it also reminds us and affirm us that we need to remember to be humble in the face of persecution as well. That is our strength. As always, our Lady being our secret weapon and all, will always direct the Holy Spirit to drench Wisdom to those who calls for it.

    Anak domba Allah, yang menghapus dosa dunia, berilah kami damai

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