Penang toy museum

The sign on the entrance says it is the world largest toy museum. However, I doubt it still hold the record anymore.

The place is rather run-down with a facade that suggests it has been neglected. Certainly not welcoming or cheerful like what toys connotes. Children probably gets fearful of even entering because the place was a former disco and has that ‘haunted look’.

My sons were the ones who bugged me to take them to the toys museum which is located at Copthorne Hotel. So, I reluctantly took them there to have a peek at what’s behind that rundown building.

Sadly, the place is poorly maintained. I guess it is not easy to run a place like that with low budget. The owner is definitely not a smart businessman because he could have asked for help but instead, I have seen him going around like a broken record talking about the land which he did not get. The land he tried to acquire is used to built a Tamil school and I personally think it is a good idea. Why give a piece of land to someone who cannot even maintain a small place properly? Better for the Indian children to use it as a school.

There are several grouses heard from my kids. Why aren’t there any Lego around? Why no actual toys for kids to play? It is rather stupid, right? No toys for kids to touch and feel and play and yet the owner calls it a toys museum.

Still, if you are a fan of Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter and all those movies, you can find all the action figures there. There is the chamber of horror. It is not suitable for kids.

So, if you haven’t been to the toys museum in Penang, pop by. Don’t complain and don’t expect too much, ok? It is a private run place on a very low budget so there are creaky floor, loose planks here and there. You can just take it as a McDonald freebies showcase.

I have been to the teddy bear museum in Hongkong and I can tell you that the name museum is a rip off here in the Penang Toys Museum. Your kids will probably have a much happier time at Toys R Us. There is nothing educational there for kids to learn, no digital showcase to tell stories, no old toys, not even any Golliwog.

3 thoughts on “Penang toy museum

  1. yea..luv d place. dim coridors,spooky voices when u walked under some hanging toys..oya ya..d egyptian craved doorway into the toilets..zialat wan.

    totally agreed that d state gov shld help out to promote this place.

  2. Man… So many cool toys. Despite being in not-so-nice surroundings, some of those toys are worth a lot of $$ as highly sought after by collectors. 😉

    Yeah, hope the state government can help promote the museum…

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