These are video clips of four of the five young men who perished in the dragon boat tragedy. More than a week has passed. Their friends and families have collected old photos and give tribute to them.

I feel we should see these young men as what they used to be and what they will remain in the memories of their loved ones. Bright, energetic, vibrant, fun, cheeky boys. Something that each of us can relate to. Whether we see part of them as our sons, brothers, friends, cousins or whatever.

When I showed my 6 yrs old boy a photo of Jason and Yi Zhang, he remarked that Yi Zhang adorable face when he was in Standard One looks like him. Yesterday, when he saw the video of Yi Zhang, he said, “So, that’s how the boy who looks like me now, but oh, he is dead.”

So, people, don’t forget this tragedy. Someone has to be accountable for this. But unfortunately, no one is. Yet. We are not talking about an eye for an eye. We are demanding for truth to be known. Many parties have claimed that emergency response was slow. Is that true? Many peoples have said that they used the place for many years. Why?

When there are glories and prizes, all the Yang Berhormats proudly posed for photos with them. When the tragedy happened, the Yang Berhormats cried as well. Their tears are not enough. What else are they doing? We want to know. So that none of our school going children are subjected to these negligence again.

There you go….

Jason Chng

Yi Zhang

Zi Jun

Yong Xiang (age 16, the only child)

and Brendon Yeoh (yet to find a video)