Lest we forget..

These are video clips of four of the five young men who perished in the dragon boat tragedy. More than a week has passed. Their friends and families have collected old photos and give tribute to them.

I feel we should see these young men as what they used to be and what they will remain in the memories of their loved ones. Bright, energetic, vibrant, fun, cheeky boys. Something that each of us can relate to. Whether we see part of them as our sons, brothers, friends, cousins or whatever.

When I showed my 6 yrs old boy a photo of Jason and Yi Zhang, he remarked that Yi Zhang adorable face when he was in Standard One looks like him. Yesterday, when he saw the video of Yi Zhang, he said, “So, that’s how the boy who looks like me now, but oh, he is dead.”

So, people, don’t forget this tragedy. Someone has to be accountable for this. But unfortunately, no one is. Yet. We are not talking about an eye for an eye. We are demanding for truth to be known. Many parties have claimed that emergency response was slow. Is that true? Many peoples have said that they used the place for many years. Why?

When there are glories and prizes, all the Yang Berhormats proudly posed for photos with them. When the tragedy happened, the Yang Berhormats cried as well. Their tears are not enough. What else are they doing? We want to know. So that none of our school going children are subjected to these negligence again.

There you go….

Jason Chng

Yi Zhang

Zi Jun

Yong Xiang (age 16, the only child)

and Brendon Yeoh (yet to find a video)

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  1. I am in the marine industry for more than 2 decades now; I can tell that Malaysia public sector has very establish and strict safety protocols & management system for all types of events, works and routines. Accident and casualty rate is always targetted at zero-incident. Managers and supervisors are responsible for maintaining the safety record. Deterrent/punishment for safety offence is quite serious. NIOSH is usually in the forefront for most of it. Yet, we have numerous deaths in government and state sponsored or co-ordinated programmes,events and camps. Most involve children. Ironically, NIOSH Chairman was even in NS committee where the number of deaths was high. And he chose to resign rather then to implement the zero-incident safety policy. Why can’t the State and Federal Government implement the same safety protocols practise like the public sector. Greed? Arrogant? Corruption? Wrong People for the job? Or What?

  2. Good one Lilian.

    Not sure whether you are aware that there is a memorial service for the deceased at Chung Ling High School today at 10am.

  3. it’s so sad seeing jason blowing off the candles from his last birthday cake…and it’s a bit of a shock to see zi jun’s video started with a pic of him as a cute baby. indeed, no one knows what the future holds.

  4. LGE still insists on asking the Federal govt to investigate, still trying to blame the school ? That only shows you are a politician after all, albeit not a polished one, ptui. Yes, we shall not forget that the dragon boat festival is an event organised by the state government and the tragedy happened in boat, and they were preparing for the dragon boat festival, do not tok kok la. Indeed, the Yang Berhormat only wants to share glory. Who says you are Yang berhormat, think you are the yang berhormat like those BN ones, obviously no difference la. You are losing more votes each day. tpui.

  5. Correction, tradegy happened in Penang. And it is amazing that the Penang State government is running away from an issue that is to do with the people of Penang. Baliklah.

  6. No need for any inquiry whether royal, federal or state. It is so obvious that safety was compromised as most of the rowers were not wearing life jackets. This is our culture that is we do not take safety seriously. My American friends when buying cars in Malaysia will insist on abs brakes, air bags, rear set belts, etc. etc. I initially find it being rather paranoid but to them safety is priority.

    I once wrote to the press that it is not right for cigarettes to be sold at petrol stations as to two do not get along. No one bothers. Does the authorities want to wait for a petrol station to blow up. I am sure many of you would have seen smokers buying cigarettes at the petrol station and deperately wanting to shorten their lives with the fag that they just bought.

    ANother good example of how the law enforcers are not being good role models on safety are the police personnel. Have you ever seen any police personnel whether in the patrol cars or any official cars wearing seat belts ? I now they are exempted but how much does the process of unfastening the seat belt hinder them during pursuit? To me it is more of showing off their authority and power

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