These photos are just mesmerizing

It has been a while since I last take my sons to the Butterfly Farm. Last Friday, I decided they are not going to school because the whole Waterfall/Western Road/Pitt Street were jammed up with coconuts. My #3 son will never be able to get home in his bus journey from Chulia Street. I will never be able to reach my little boy’s school as the whole Western Road was full of lorries, people and etc who were setting up Thaipusam stalls.

So, tralalalala, I declared a day of holiday for them. For their benefits and my sense of tranquility. Life is too short to be too stressed up over things like that.

Just today, I told the Form One students in our catechism class, “Make sure that you enjoy coming to class every Saturday or else, don’t bother. I don’t want you guys to come just because your parents force you. I want you to enjoy the company of your friends here in church and you can take home with you some knowledge about Jesus and how our Catholic faith fits in your life.” I hope they turn up next week. Kekekeke. Hopefully, they don’t misunderstand and tell their parents, “Mom, auntie Lilian said no need to go to catechism anymore because I don’t like it”

It is good to visit the Butterfly Farm and the Taman Rimba on a school morning. No one was there except a few of us. We practically had the whole jungle to ourselves. I have plenty of time to enjoy the nature, take some photos with my very under utilised camera lens plus peace of mind to shoot the CJ video that I was asked to do.

My little boy had so much fun looking at the turtles in the dirty pond. I love taking photos of the butterflies and waterfall. If only it wasn’t so hot on that day…I am now darker by several shades. 🙁