Penangites may have heard of a few ikan bakar stalls and seafood stalls being torn down these few days. I was passing by Tesco when that the 3N Ikan Bakar was being demolished. And across my house, there is the Doremi stall by the beach. Hammer Bay is the next one to go.

While it looks bad that these stall owners will have to suffer losses, there is another side of the story. People who live in the Hammer Bay area had complained of stench from clogged drain and rubbish. Then, there is the traffic congestion near the Gold Coast area. This is what the people who lived there tell me (not I parrot from politicians’ mouths)

Yesterday evening, I was notified of a state agencies meeting with the CM. Since Jimmy cannot make it (I usually do not do CJ on weekends), I decided to cover because I wanted to interview PKR adun or MPs.

There was a protest going on. There was an sms going around, asking Malays to bring lastik to the protest as a symbol of the fight between Palestine and Israel. I don’t want to comment on that. You can watch the video. All five of them turned up.

Then, there is the explanation from the District Officer on the demolition of these stalls. Apparently, these stalls have been given notices to move to a hawker centre for more than five years already. I think it is easy for us to point fingers if we are not directly affected by illegal hawkers. But if we do, I suppose we will also make complaints to our respective Aduns.

With the Pakatan Rakyat, the Aduns are probably more effective and hence, there are rules and regulations to be carried out. These illegal hawkers are provided hawker stalls to move to. So, I guess there is always two sides to a story. I have seen some very racial, provocative and full of hatred comments on forums and blogs about the demolitions of these stalls. I am glad I heard the explanations from the state agencies involved as well.