Phew…after one month

Finally, I get a whole morning to myself without having to watch the clock. After I dropped my little boy at school in the morning, I get to go to the market, have my breakfast, come home, prepare some things for lunch and dinner i.e. to take out what needs to be thawed, blog, edit videos I shot and just relax till afternoon.

I can say I have claimed back a little bit of my ‘me-time’.

pussy willow

Now that I am not like a mad woman rushing up and down, killing time in Starbucks, McDonald’s and shopping malls, I hope I have time to let the Chinese New Year bug bites me. All I have now is this bunch of Chinese pussy willow. No new clothes yet because the malls are packed like sardines during weekend. I told my kids we can do it during weekdays.

canon camera and nikon camera

With the extra time, I can focus on making videos. Otherwise, I am merely doing run and shoot production because I have to watch the clock all the time.

lighthouse bakery

Last week, I went to the Lighthouse Bakery and Cafe to film the place. However, I only have about an hour so I didn’t manage to interview the ex-drug addicts and ex-prisoners to find out about their life stories. They are being given an allowance to help out at the bakery. The Lighthouse also provides them with meals, clothings and a place to sleep at night. Lighthouse is run by the Penang Office of Human Development which is under the Catholic church.

bread from lighthouse bakery

The place is supervised by Maria and the trainer is Joseph who used to own a bakery. Joseph trained a few of the people and they produce nice breads and buns. Lighthouse also have a cafe and I tell you, their coffee and teh tarik are really kau and nice. They also sell some simple dishes during lunch time.

Lighthouse is located at Upper Penang Road, across Federal Hotel where the Church of St. Francis Xavier is. They are closed on Sunday, open on weekdays and Saturday from 7 am in the morning till about 5 pm.

One of the homeless guy I interviewed and featured in my earliest video used to work there as well but unfortunately, he has left the place so I didn’t manage to meet him.

So, hopefully, I get to be more productive in the month of February (not that I am not productive enough at the moment).