My drama king

My little boy’s vocab is big. Sometimes too big for a six years old kid.

He knows the word betray.
He knows the meaning of ‘spending time’.

I forgot what I said. Something about not going to do something. He asked so sweetly, “Why? So that you can spend time with your baby?”

Just now, the three of us were in the car. Hubby, him and I. Hubby and I were talking about something. We passed by Gurney Drive and the vendors were blowing bubbles. So, from the back of the car he said he wanted to buy bubble. Hubby and I were still in the midst of conversation.

From the back, he says, “Mom….are you paying attention to me or not?”

Me : Of course I am. You say you want to buy bubble, right? See? I can hear and I can talk at the same time.

So, today we shared a little secret. I am not suppose to betray. BETRAY…

Here’s what I told hubby.

Today, someone was sitting down on the cement floor at the school porch. He was wiping tears with his hankerchief when the mother arrived. The mother was late by about 3 minutes. ONLY THREE minutes because the clock showed 12:38.

The mother was late because lorries were parked along the whole Western Road to clear the Thaipusam stalls. Then, efficient traffic police was doing roadblock outside Polo Ground school, slowing down each car and shooing bikes to the side.

So, the mother saw the poor kid but she is used to his drama king acting. She waved at him from outside the school compound and he tried to pretend he wasn’t crying.

She went to him and asked what’s wrong. He burst into tears. I lost my wallet and my water tumbler at the canteen….

She told him, don’t worry, never mind one. We can buy a new one.

He find another reason. I was sooo thirsty….I got no money to buy drinks.

The mother told him, Next time, you can always tell the auntie in the canteen to ‘write in book’ (credit) and eat and drink all you want.

Actually, the wallet was in the car. He dropped it. (now we bought the ‘cable spring’ to secure to his pants) The water tumbler is probably left in the canteen.

Drama king was happy after that because he found the wallet and bought a Wall’s Icecream from Caltex.

To end the story, the mother sat down with the kid and told him, “No matter how long you wait, you know mommy will come and fetch you. If not, Jeff ko-ko sure come. Sometimes, we get traffic jam, sometimes car broke down. See? Today Jeff ko-ko bike rosak and he has to ask mommy to fetch him. But whatever it is, we sure come and fetch you. Somemore, today you waited for only five minutes. That’s a very short time. Your classmates haven’t even finish their Mandarin class.”

Oh ya, also remember, Mr. Chuah (the gurubesar) is my friend. (bluff only, name dropping nia to console the kid) If you have a problem, go to his office. His office got aircond and Astro. You just tell him you are Lilian’s son. He sure afraid of mommy one. He sure take care of you nicely if not mommy make CJ video of him, how? Kekeke. When you are in school, got teachers and Mr. Chuah to take care of you. So, don’t worry, ok? Whenever you see Mr. Chuah in school, you must always wish him loud-loud, Good morning/afternoon, Sir! (see, I teach my kid from young on how to carry the right balls kekeke)

And then, he said, You cannot tell papa, ok? You cannot betray me.

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  1. The traffic police very efficient these few days. Almost see them everyday during the weekend having roadblocks. Wanna catch big fish kut?

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