I must go to sleep.
But my dear faithful readers sure come by to see if I have any updates.
Since I am such a nice person, I shall just embed the Thaipusam’s eve video I shoot the other day.

This video garnered 28K views on Malaysiakini and 2,700 views on my Youtube. So, overall, it is a good exposure. Over 30,000 people have watched it.

Wuah, I am so kerng. 30,000 people is not a little, you know? Never have I dreamed that I could one day produce video with a message which would be viewed by 30,000 people. Never. Not even in my dream.

Talking about dream, I must sleep. For the next two mornings, I must learn to wake up on my own, get two kids ready for school. Drop one in St. Xavier secondary and one in primary. I am not sure what time I can only reach primary. Sigh…must go flutter lashes at gurubesar so that he doesn’t whack my kid with the rotan for coming late. Sigh..aiyor….Mr. Chuah…veli soli hor….you see hor, I have to drive from Tanjung Bungah to Jalan Farquhar and then, I lost my way to Jalan Air Itam. Seriously, I have no idea how to get from Love Lane to Jalan Air Itam tomorrow morning. I sure ended up pusing-pusing in Jalan Chulia, Jalan Penang until bell ring. *runs to ask hubby* Nite!