Thaipusam video

I must go to sleep.
But my dear faithful readers sure come by to see if I have any updates.
Since I am such a nice person, I shall just embed the Thaipusam’s eve video I shoot the other day.

This video garnered 28K views on Malaysiakini and 2,700 views on my Youtube. So, overall, it is a good exposure. Over 30,000 people have watched it.

Wuah, I am so kerng. 30,000 people is not a little, you know? Never have I dreamed that I could one day produce video with a message which would be viewed by 30,000 people. Never. Not even in my dream.

Talking about dream, I must sleep. For the next two mornings, I must learn to wake up on my own, get two kids ready for school. Drop one in St. Xavier secondary and one in primary. I am not sure what time I can only reach primary. Sigh…must go flutter lashes at gurubesar so that he doesn’t whack my kid with the rotan for coming late. Sigh..aiyor….Mr. Chuah…veli soli hor….you see hor, I have to drive from Tanjung Bungah to Jalan Farquhar and then, I lost my way to Jalan Air Itam. Seriously, I have no idea how to get from Love Lane to Jalan Air Itam tomorrow morning. I sure ended up pusing-pusing in Jalan Chulia, Jalan Penang until bell ring. *runs to ask hubby* Nite!

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  1. Simple, transferyour child to st xavier cawangan, then no need to hassle with the traffic at Jalan Scotland and Kg Baru esp at Chung Ling. I remembered you wrote about not wanting to send him to cawangan. My son was at cawangan and now at SXI (secondary). My other half said cawangan is better than Kg Baru St Xavier. I think it is all perception. I have no complaints abt cawangan. I am sure you get good and bad teachers in all schools. Gurubesar had managed cawangan well. I am sure you can kow tim Mr Teoh at cawangan also. But one thing for sure, the secondary school that is SXI has really transformed my son. Hope SXI will continue to be the same even without the brother principals.

    I think there had been attempts to sabo SXI.Many students from both cawangan and Kg Baru were assigned to other schools instead of SXI in form 1. Any one know what was the final outcome ? Was told that some former saints students who went to Penang Free School (PFS) for form 1 have come back to SXI for form two. Wow, they must have hate PFS. For those not from Penang, PFS is supposed to be one of the premier schools in Penang.

    Anyway, Lilian, think seriously and see whether you can reduce one car less at Jalan Scotland. Ha ha. For those not from Penang, Penang is so small that we can go all over to do anything.

  2. CNY I go your house install the Ovi Maps on your N97 lah. It’s damn useful. Just follow the maps and you won’t get lost anymore. Free turn-by-turn Drive and Walk Navigation ah!

  3. @Bryan- Ask for big big angpau. Ini Ah Lian very rich one. Always under-declare her online income. Blek!!!

  4. Lilian, I cannot believe that you do not know how to go to St Xavier in Kg Baru. No need hitech gadget lah. Problem is that the turn at Kg Baru before Chung Ling will be jammed. Then jam again near Shang Wu School (thanks to 90% Chinese goes to Chinese school, leaving the minority like us, called bananas, sending our kids to sek kebangsaan ). Anyway, do you know the lorong belakang via Batu Gantung. I am sure you know all the jalan since you terror go here, there kay po.

    Like I said earlier, transfer the kid to cawangan in Pulau Tikus.

  5. Domino

    I am not sure whether SXI is a controlled school but I know that many parents want to send their kids there eventhough they are not from St Xavier cawangan or St Xavier Kg Baru

    At primary school in cawangan, it was just go to school and not much activities as since the school is two sessions, most activities are held on saturdays and that also is limited to alternate saturdays. In there a holidays on saturdays, the activity is cancelled. He was in the scouts but never had the chance to pass the first level (tenderfoot).

    Now in secondary SXI, my son is more cakap banyak, more independent, more matured. Uniform activities are held every tuesday afternoons as SXI is a single session school. Very rarely, the activities are cancelled. They even had a weekend camp to let the juniors pass the tenderfoot test. Most of the time it is the senior students who lead the juniors with the guidance of the teachers. They are so active and these activities provide hands-on real life experience to the kids. Other than scouts, my kid stays back two to three days in a week after school but he is not complaining. He enjoys it. The things that he gets involved makes him more responsible.

    While SXI is a christian missionary school, other than some physical parts of the school reminds one of it, the school environment is like any other sekeloh kebangsaan. Everyone irrespective of race or religion should be comfortable to study in SXI.

    Sadly,, being not a fully aided school, SXI does not get that much funding but this has made the teachers and students have the fighting spirit and determination to survive against all odds. I have heard from a parent that his child who is from a controlled school in Bukit Jambul is quite demotivated but after changing him to Hamid Khan is a changed person. Yes, I have also heard good things about Hamid Khan.

    In summary, I think how good a school depends a lot on the principal and teachers who provide the environment and opportunities for the children (and among themselves) to lead each other. I don’t think we should expect teachers to spoon feed our children.

    By the way, I am not an old Xaverian

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