I have both my ears plugged because I am doing video editing. My super expensive ear plugs are super good in cutting off the noise. Actually, the ear plug doesn’t belong to me. I wouldn’t spend so much on a miserable earphone. It’s my son’s. Some Sony noise cancelling ones that cost over RM100. Hubby’s idea. I have a RM25 one from TDK and it sounds just the same to me.

So, I was snipping off clips, joining audio and video, unlinking clips, listening to speeches, cutting off the unimportant part and etc. Full concentration. My boy has gone to sleep so no one is going to tap on my shoulder. Total focus.

And I heard some noises inspite of the noise cancelling function. I pulled off my ear plugs and yay! It is raining. Oh gosh, I have forgotten what raindrops outside my window sounds like.

I have the aircond on so I didn’t smell the rain falling on dry, hot cement ground. I love that smell. It is so earthy.

Oh boy, I am so happy it rains. If you are from Penang, you will understand why we Penangites are so happy. There has been no rain for a long time. There is haze. The sun is super hot. Trees are shedding leaves and over here, it is like autumn.

My #2 son has fallen sick with sorethroat. My little boy too developed some rashes around his mouth and just before bedtime, he told me he has sorethroat too. He asked to gargle with antiseptic mouth wash and wanted to suck on Strepsil.

So, let it rain. Let it rain heavily the whole night through and in the morning too. I guess if my boy wakes up with the same sorethroat, it is time for Dr. Lilian to declare MC for him. Oh boy, in that case, let it flood. Bring on the rain and flood.

Once again, I have written nothing because I am so sick of the things going on around us. Those are the things that I really want to bitch. But I guess people are watching so I better don’t say anything. *nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, you got nothing to pick on*