Lemme entertain you with another video by me, me, me

Obviously, I am very busy. I am busy because the tomboy in me cannot resist running from place to place covering issues that actually do not concern me. But I am such a kepohchee, I just have to do it.

In the morning, I cover DAP.
Then, I went to Gerakan.
After that, at night, to PKR.

Now, I can call myself a tri-party person.

Forget about politics. I have seen re-run of Lim Guan Eng until I can memorise how many spots he has on his right cheek and left cheek. Doh… That’s the bleh of video editing. You got to watch the same video you shot over and over again during the process of editing. Cut, snip, glue, cut further, snip more, reduce the minutes, cut off all the unnecessary sentences etc.

Once complete, I still watch to sit through at least two viewing to make sure that there are no stray clips. Sometimes when I am lazy, I FF all the video. However, after I have uploaded to Youtube, I only notice I had one stray clip hidden in between clips. Or I added a title call ‘Add Text’.

The day when Lim Guan Eng stopped being a CM, they better vote someone much more handsome or at least laser mouth like him. I never say he is handsome, ok? I only like his laser mouth. Otherwise, if you all voted a CM like errm…Lim Kheng Yaik or Samy Vellu, I shall hang my video camera too, and myself.

So, folks, enjoy the video on Gurney Drive. I have come to a point where I practised self-censorship. Originally, I wanted to feature what a waste of good money on something as ugly as those benches. But then, I better don’t provoke the Fed Gov until they strangle Penang to death. So, I pile the blame to the public instead. But since you are my faithful blog readers, I tell you a secret lah. Those benches are soo ugly, IKEA looks divine.