What? CNY is less than a week? Should I panic now?

Maybe I have become so Christian, I no longer fear an empty rice urn will cause me to go hungry for the rest of my life.

Or the fact that I don’t have red colour decorations around the house will cause good luck to skip over my house.

Or I don’t have kitchen god so I no longer need to send him back to heaven gossip on me, after I stuff his mouth with nien-gao.

Or my kids are so much more grown up, I cannot con them into enjoy Chinese New Year with me.

You know, you cannot force them to buy new clothes when they asked, “But why must we buy clothes? We only wear boxers at home!”

So, without only less than a week from Chinese New Year, I haven’t done a thing.

There is no point doing spring cleaning because I just moved into this rented home less then 3 months ago. Many of my boxes are still unpacked.

There is no point giving the house a new coat of paint or the bedsheets a fresh set because the paint is new and bedsheets are such a chore to change.

Last year, I made a lot of Chinese New Year cookies. This year, I am just trying to fit into the routine of fetching kid. So, I really have no energy left to bother with cookies. Anyway, we bake all the time, all year through so what’s so special about Chinese New Year cookies?

With a son who is almost 1/2 a cook, both of us can actually whip up any meals within short notice. So long as we have time to buy the ingredients, we can cook. So, it is no big deal to cook at all.

We have all the angpow packets. So that part is taken care off.

My hubby only started work last year so he doesn’t get a bonus yet this year. Moreover, UMNO companies are strangled and choking so he can forget about getting any fat bonuses until errm…maybe I should start being an UMNO cybertrooper?

Being a Christian actually left me with less stress. I no need to worry about the do and don’t of Chinese New Year. And I don’t worry about it because my Big Boss said, “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” (I like King James version of the Bible)

So, this Chinese New Year, I think I will arrange for a small gathering minus the outlaws (blek, not that I can avoid it) at my place. Date, type of foods, who are coming, not decided yet.

You know what I am more worried about? Ash Wednesday and then Lent for 40 days. That’s when I want to go on vegetarian fasting. I failed miserably last year. I want to make up for it this year. That’s what I am most excited about.