Guan Eng, tolong kami

Once in a while, I find things that I am passionate with. This is one of them. A group of women whom had worked for many, many years suddenly found they no longer have a job. No compensation, no compassion.

So, their frustrations are understandable. They were rather lost as their rep. doesn’t have a loud hailer. He told them to walk to Komtar while he went ahead first with his children in the car.

I noticed he was missing from the court’s compound. I phoned him and he realised the workers didn’t get his instruction to walk there.

I almost wanted to ask the women, ‘Jom kita pi Komtar’. Of course, I cannot do that because it is against my work ethics. Secondly, I can be hauled up by the SB for being the dalang of the peaceful walk. Everyone does know that it is considered illegal gathering if more than five people gathered together in that manner, right? But the police in Penang is gracious and allowed these big group of women to walk the streets of Georgetown.

So, I went ahead with my car. I stopped at the Assumption Church and waited for these ladies to walk by because I know they will do that. Then, I drove to Komtar to have a nice, cold, lemon tea while they walk. Life is unfair, huh? These ladies have to walk in the hot sun, just to ask for an appointment to see the CM. Meanwhile, all of us are bitching about everything in the cold comfort of our houses, offices, shopping malls and cars.

Retrenchment benefits for these Nikko employees are probably hard to come by because the company is filing for bankruptcy. So, according to my accountant hubby, the employees will be the last to get the money. Usually, the liquidation of assets or whatever will be used to pay creditors first. By then, there will be no money left.

I asked MTUC chairman, “Isn’t there a law to protect employees?” He said, “YES….” But then, if employers want to bail out and leave their poor employees in the lurch, the employees are helpless.

There is more to this video. But I shall deal with the other issue when the time is right. Now, all I want is for these women to know that they are not unseen and unheard. Someone in level 28 better make sure that the CM meets the workers’ rep. The last time, CM and DCM2’s staffs have not only delivered empty promises, they also disappointed these women at the last minute by cancelling the appointment after it was doubly confirmed.

You may or may not be able to help, but turning them away is inexcusable. (see what happened in the last attempt and compare to history) If these women get the same treatment again, I will make sure some arses get whacked. AGAIN.

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