When you have nothing good to blog..

and when you have nothing inspiring to say,

just post food photos. It never fails.


Some prawns I bought straight from the fishing boat at Tanjung Bungah. It is better to enjoy early than to get suckered during CNY.


I bought some longevity noodle with an old man and peach brand. There are two types, in the exact same type of packing. I read the address and both also from Xiamen, China. One costs RM6.50 and the other RM2.30. I look high and low wondering why the price differs so much. Turned out the RM6.50 is Full egg noodle while the other is just noodle. The full egg noodle is quite nice, very QQ. Good for CNY if you wish to make some fanciful fried noodles. Bah, Chinese, they are so clever to confuse people.


Have you eaten the China made keropok udang? It comes in a blue/beige box with one huge red prawn brand. I remember it was a treat when I was a kid. Now a box only costs RM2.50. And I had fried three times already and there are still more keropoks. So cheap nia.


And this is ayam goreng bawang and kunyit.

Finally, ikan belanak or ‘chia hoo’ in Hokkien. My mother used to buy a lot of this fish. It is very sweet but it is a chore to clean the fish of its scales. However, now they have prepared them at the wet market, ready for cooking.


I think I haven’t eaten this fish for like 20+ years. It tastes sooooo sweet and nice, bursting with eggs. Only RM3 nia for about 10.

And good night!

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  1. I am looking for ‘boh kok hu'(in hokkien). Want to try the recipe my mom used to use on this bony fish. First use to make asam soup, then deep fry til crispy crispy.

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