Busy, busy but reunion dinner will be served

Inspite of the additional CJ stuffs that I was doing these past few days, I am so glad I managed to get all the ingredients for dinner tonight.

Right now, as I am writing this, I have a pot of fish maw soup simmering on the stove while my drunken herbal chicken is being steam over low heat. I have cod fish and Japanese fresh scallops which will be steamed later. And to add some fun, there is also large prawns, tenderloin and lamb chops for grilling. So, there is white rice and also grilling meats for our little reunion tonight.

And to think that I didn’t have time to do much marketing until just now at noon! I went to a press conference at the CM’s office at 10 am and finished about noon. Last night, I attended Kg Buah Pala pc at the CM’s office. Then, PKR press conference followed by the ceramah perdana.

In case some of you didn’t hear, there are lots of rumours flying around about Penang going the way Perak did. So, I do not mind sacrificing a bit of my time and went out of the way to cover these additional events. It is the least I can do to balance things out as much as I can.

Yesterday, when I was at PKR, Mr. Tan (the man in the video) came to me and said, “Lilian, I like your site.” Hehehehe, I am very paiseh. He said I should be home preparing for CNY. Indeed I should but I don’t mind giving my time a bit. I edited the above video till late night as I got home at 1 am. And I uploaded it around 3 am, I think. In between, I had time to take a bath, wash a batch of clothes and play Farmville.

Now, I am getting our dinner ready for tonight’s makan. It doesn’t need much preparation at all so I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there to edit two more videos. (actually the editing doesn’t take long but waiting for the files to encode, upload etc takes time)

Chinese New Year’s eve have always been part and parcel of being Chinese. When I was a kid, I helped my mother to prepare the cooking which always mean slaughtering chicken (yes, I can slit the throat of live chicken), plucking duck’s feathers, cooking jiu hoo char, kiam chye ark, pek cham keh etc. When I was dating, I helped my bf’s mother to prepare her Cantonese style reunion dinner. That’s where I learned how to mun-g-keok (stewed pork leg) and make other Cantonese dishes. Then, when I have my mother-in-law to fook-si, I used to cook Chinese New Year dishes to offer to my father-in-law and their Hakka ancestors.

So, right now, I can afford to take a break from the traditional dishes. I just told hubby, when my sons are all married, maybe then I will be get busy preparing CNY reunion dinner. For now, I will have it easy. Just buy the most expensive foodstuffs I can afford, those that I don’t normally cook at home for our daily meals, and eat.

Tomorrow, on Chinese New Year’s day folks, there is a Penang State official open house. Our Governor and CM will be there. 10 am to 1pm at Komtar Walk. I am not sure I am going though.

Happy reunion, everyone! Treasure the times you have with your families. Mend whatever broken relationship, reunite and start the new year on a clean slate.

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