Food is always good

I am like the most harrassed woman today. There was no plans for any Chinese New Year gatherings. Hubby said lazy to do anything lah. So, we just do nothing. But the man go and tell his sisters and nieces ‘Come by around noon lah.’

That was this morning around 9 am. Man! His meaning of come by means drink F&N Orange and eat Ngan Yin groundnuts. But I know better. I have been married for 20 years.

So, I quickly buy whatever I can find in the market and cooked up tomyam beehoon, some curry tandoori sausages, fry chicken, tempura prawns and squids plus some cakes and jellies.

And thank God I did because the in-laws really come in full support. All 30+ of them. *faints* Lucky I even have a portion of chicken and beehoon leftover inspite of them being very big eaters.

At one point, my son told me, “Ma, Jesus heard your prayer wrongly lah. Instead of multiplying your foods, Jesus multiplied your number of guests by 3 times.” Anyway, thank God no one goes hungry, everyone satisfied.

Meanwhile, yesterday my nephew mentioned about coming over to my house. So, I told them to come by for dinner. In my mind, I was just planning a simple dishes sit down Chinese homecooked meals. There are only 4-5 of them, easy-peasy right?

But… #1 son and #2 son told me they have about 15 friends coming by. So, last night, I planned to cook whatever I can find from the market. Though the market is open for business today, many stalls still haven’t open their stalls. Everthing is lacking.

However, yeah, I made it. Now, I am cooling down in the bedroom for a while.

Phew…It has been fun cooking so many things. Of course, my sons helped a lot or else I will be dead by now.

9 thoughts on “Food is always good

  1. My mom is just like you, can cook up a storm even with a very short notice. I wish I can be like her too one day, this ability defines superwoman. Now cannot la, too many distractions.

  2. That’s what happens to us during Christmas! After all these years of practice, we now always have chicken stand-by in the fridge!

    Enjoy reading your blog. Finally found one I truly enjoy reading!

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