Oh boy, I am missing from my blog for a whole long week. It has been a good break from blogging, citizen journalism snooping around and regular routines.

But I ended up with fever and headache which lasted for two days already. Still, it feels good to be nursed than to nurse. My little boy diligently wet a face towel for me to place on my head. I get to bark orders for honey to sooth the throat, Milo and panadols and whine all day long. The sweetest is my little boy silently prayed for me to get well fast fast. Awwww…..

Last Wednesday, we woke up around 11 am and decided to go somewhere. Not sure where to go, we headed to Langkawi. We stayed there for two days. Next, we become a bit adventurous and drove to Satun though we aren’t very sure what’s available there.

I didn’t have enough time to research as I lost internet connection the moment we entered Thailand. So, blindly, we drove around the south of Thailand in Satun.

Satun is mostly Thai Muslims and they speak Bahasa Malaysia. The Chinese (or rather Thais who look like Chinese) speak Hokkien.


My two younger boys were so thrilled to ‘catch a fish’, live from the pond for our lunch in Langkawi. We went on a mangrove tour and it was a fun trip along the river.


Langkawi wasn’t humid and very breezy. The skies were awesome. Though it is as dry and hot as Penang, there is not humidity that make people restless.


I love taking photos. Got a big bunch of photos, all 635 in total.


My Lent vegetarian fasting officially started on Ash Wednesday and though it is a bit challenging to eat no meat in a foreign land, I persevere. Except I have to ‘graciously’ join my family to finish the fish my sons caught.


It is really easy to marry a woman like me. Just give me beautiful sunset, a nice place for the kids to spend their energy on, a nice camera and I am happy already. I don’t need shopping in London or spa in Switzerland. I am the opposite of Rose Mah, kan? Any old place with nice sunset makes me happy.

I should be sleeping and resting at this hour but I had slept the whole of Sunday till 3 pm. Just had my last dose of Panadol and hope when I wake up tomorrow, I have forgotten I was sick. Need to get back to regular life of fetching kid, marketing, cooking, CJ-ing and making money online.