A little reminder from my Creator that I am build like Ford

Cool! For RM3.25, I can drink 2 cups of tea and maybe a cup of coffee and if my bladder doesn’t burst, I can go on drinking cham-o with as many packets of sugar as I want till I sweat sugar. Where to find likedat deal? Thanks to McDonalds lah. Got aircond, free wifi, free music, nice chair and table and sometimes able to human observing for blogging purposes.

So, hubby had to make a trip to KL for a few days. Last midnight, I already noticed my kid a bit feverish, swinging between sweating and feeling cold when he was sleeping.

The worry wart get excited over a simple ujian bulanan, he even dreamt about it. He asked me in his sleep. “Mommy, skin what colour?” You see, they have these drawings of boys and poor thing has to figure out the drawing is an Indian boy or Chinese boy. So, he had to know what colour to use. Usually, I tell him to use yellow because the box of colour pencils he had earlier only have yellow or brown. But now, we buy him a 48-colour set and he wants to get the right beige for Chinese, the darker brown for Indians and lighter brown for Malay. *roll eyes*

He is not racist, ok? He is colourist jek.

True enough, this morning he woke up feeling, “My body feels sorta errm..tired?” He was in a good mood though because he has ulangkaji-ed and all excited to take a test. *roll eyes* If only all my boys are as excited as him to study.

So, I gave him a warm cup of Milo and 10 mls kids panadol. He threw up. I bath him cos his cheeks looked flushed. Still not very sure if he is fine to go to school, I offered him a tiny sip of Ning Jom (the herbal cough med). We call it the majik euok that helps to calm tummy aches, vomitting, cough and even calm nerves.

Today, I got to fetch my #3 to SXI as well. But my head GPS forgets and I drove all the way to PCGHS junction and went, “OH SHIT! Why didn’t you tell me I am going the wrong way!” #3 sat there at the passenger seat, couldn’t care less. “In that case no need lor, you drop Matthew and then, we go home lor.”

“Go home, your head! Nevermind, let’s see how to go to your school from here.” So, I turned into Jalan Burmah where Adventist Hospital is. Driving on, we passed Immaculate Conception Church.

“Faster pray! Quick. Tell Mother Mary. Nay, she is standing outside. (at the grotto)”

So, I made a quick cross and said loudly, “Lord Jesus, please get us to school on time. Please take Matthew fever away. And sit with Matthew during his ujian.”

“Jesus knows Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan meh?”

Amen. I got the #3 to school rather early. The road was cleared. My little boy at the back asked for Yuyi oil. I knew he is going to throw up but there wasn’t a plastic bag around so I dare not ask him if he is fine.

I got him to school still 20 minutes before time. The moment he got down from the car, he went “UWEKKKKKK” Right on the spot where people walks. Brown Milo mixed with whatever brown med plus slimey stuff. What to do…..

It was still dark so I hope no one notices what disgusting act this woman allowed her son. Really. He got down and totally blew like a volcano exploding.

I pulled him to a manhole with steel lubang-lubang cover and asked him to continue uwek-ing. Meanwhile, I went to my car and grabbed a bunch of tissue papers and covered up the slimy patch.

Hey, I am not MPPP cleaning truck so I can’t possibly do anything at all, ok?

Then, I took him to line up. Told him I will find a parking and come see him later. The blardy jam was getting crazy by then and bad drivers were congesting the roads.

By the time I got back to his school, I was expecting a pale face boy, ready to go home. But no….what do I find? He was sitting down with monitor (he calls him monitor) ulangkaji. Two of them. One tiny, thin Indian Muslim boy and one pinkish, big, healthy (other words not allowed) Chinese boy going through their books.

So, I don’t have the heart to ask him if he wants to skip the monthly test and go home. By then, he is no longer looking flushed. I promised him I will go back and see him at breaktime.

Security is tight. Parents are not allowed in the school compound. But I usually chat with the gurubesar and the guard knows me quite well. So, I am not a potential kidnapper or a mother who will steal the child from some estranged husband.

But I am smarter and make life easier for Pak Guard. I carried a bottle of kid’s panadol in my hand. Call from the school gate, “Pak Cik oi….tolong bagi masuk sat. Nak bagi anak minum ubat. Dia demam.” So other parents can only watch in envy nia…But really, if your kid is not sick or anything, just leave them in school, ok? There were 3 moms earlier. Two carried McD and one KFC set meals. Doh..

Went to see him and he is all a-ok. But just to be sure, I gave him 5 mls of panadol and told him I will wait for him at McD Green Lane. If he feels sick, just phone me. And that’s how I ended up at McD with 1 hrs 45 mins to kill and 2 hrs of laptop battery life.

It is like, “Aiyor, God. Why lah of all days, my boy has to have such drama when I am single-handedly doing everything?” My flu is still buzzing in my head but I have no time to think about it. My ears are stuffed. My taste buds gone. (good thing also cos I can’t eat much anyway with this vege fasting)

And the reminder comes to me. That God has built me tougher. He is showing me that I can do it all. All by myself. And having a big picture, helicopter mind to see things in perspective and thanking Him that life is great when you have Jesus to call upon. To do Ujian Pemahaman kah, find my way from Pulau Tikus to Love Lane kah or getting through security in school.

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  1. What ? The kids are asked to colour according to the races. What colour would a Eurasian or a Iban or Kadazan, etc etc. This is 1Malaysia down the drain

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