It is a fact. Blogs are losing their appeal. Bloggers who have carved a name for themselves probably will survive. Otherwise, your blog is just one of the millions. Insignificant.

Nowadays, we are so much into micro-blogging. That is churning out our thoughts on the spot. At the traffic jam. At the queue counter. At the changing room. Just anywhere. We can upload videos, photos and type whatever comes to mind.

But hey, my blog is not losing its appeal, ok? Because I just found one blogger calling me her favourite blogger. Awww…thank you Carmen.


My favourite blogger
I never specifically had a favourite blogger before.

But after reading one of her articles, I really love this woman.

she is hilarious, sarcastic, with a twist of a malaysian flavour to her words. but not that much so her malaysian-ish ways didn’t get on my nerves. ppl like xia xue add in all the singaporean lingo to make her sound so different & singaporean when it seems overly desperate & it annoys me so much. but this lady is awesome, it’s a totally perfect balance between proper english & malaysian lingos. kudos to you, man ! I love your blogposts. you are awesome ! xx [I’m so coolz with the ‘xx’-es & all]

Somemore got. She said she prefer my blog over Xiaxue. Wuah, that char-bor from Singkapoh sure sipeh tulan if she knows. But then, she will probably brush it off and pretend she didn’t see. After all, she got fake nose, fake boobs and angmoh boyfriend, where got time for anything else lah. Not easy to maintain, you know?

Anyway, I was having this thought during lunch. I asked myself if you people who regularly read blogs (I have a confession, I don’t read blogs anymore) ever notice if the blogger grows up, grows old through the years.

I am not talking about the physical self of the person. Rather the style of writing. I have seen some scary bloggers who seem trapped in their little cocoon and never morphed. Scary shits, man. I guess people like them never really change/improve/move on. They will continue sharing their cute little games, their 80s music and think they live in that era forever. Doh..go buy a mirror please. Cos I bet you are a pain to live with. Like seriously….take it from Aunty Lilian. I mean well.

Again, thanks Carmen. Your post didn’t go unnoticed. I saw it for a few days already but was too shy to share it nia. You know lah, I am damn humble one, ok?